Weekend Warrior Promotions - Maura and Ed Burgess

Maura Sevier-Burgess started Weekend Warrior in 1992 while she was 8 months pregnant with her second child. A marketing professional with a Masters degree in Finance, Maura had grown weary of the "morning fire drill" and wanted to run her own business. Initially, she just sold imprinted and embroidered apparel.  In 1994, at a family reunion, her cousin, Matt Lockner, owner of Idea Reps in Chicago , persuaded her to join ASI.  Two more kids and 13 years later she is thrilled to be a Makeover finalist.

For at least the past 10 years, Maura and her husband had been talking about having Ed join the business full-time.  With 23 years of Sales and Sales Management experience in a variety of industries, Ed is the perfect compliment to Maura's set of skills. For example, Ed likes to do all the things she doesn't: cold-calling, researching prospects, and managing a sales funnel.

Maura and Ed intend to triple their business in 2005, and to continue to grow it with the intention of bringing their 4 children into the business.  Their nine year old son loves to draw and to work on the computer and is actually learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to assist them with the artwork. All four have helped with various office tasks, such as filing and labeling, and we look forward to working with them as they get older.

Maura and Ed's offices are in a 112-year old Victorian house in a historic part of Pittsburgh, PA. They have done extensive renovations to the house and carriage house and actually had a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie filmed there called, "Breathing Lessons" starring James Garner and Joanne Woodward.  Ed and Maura are both very active people (thus the name Weekend Warrior) and believe balance between work, play and family is critical to happiness.