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Your Customers Are Buying Promotional Products.
Shouldn't It Be From You?

Businesses are entering this industry in record-breaking numbers. In fact, today it is estimated that the number of companies like yours that sell promotional products has more than doubled in the last two years! Companies buy nearly $22 billion worth of promotional products annually, and your customers are part of this group. If you're not selling them promotional products, your competition is. Click here to learn more now.

ASI® is the largest education, media and marketing organization in the advertising specialty industry. We offer you best-in-class tools and award-winning resources to help you increase sales, build customer loyalty, develop relationships with prospects and boost your bottom line. Your ASI package may include:

ASI helps businesses like yours increase sales and profits. Your ASI package includes exclusive benefits, such as discounts on business services; unlimited product support and training; innovative education experiences, including a free certification program; and so much more. We promote the growth and success you would expect from the leader in the industry. Some of your membership benefits include:

  • Free marketing tools to help grow your business
  • Free admission to ASI Shows, where you can meet with suppliers, network and enjoy amazing keynote speakers
  • Free education, in-person and at our Online Learning Center, leading to industry certification

"The amount of information ASI provides us with through the membership, social media and customer service is hard to imagine living without. ASI's friendly service, fast response time and overall value make us a better, more fluid company."

Justin G. asi/156023

With ESP Websites, distributors can quickly create a world-class, professional promotional products shopping site that is powered by the most robust and accurate search engine in the industry - ESP. ESP Websites are eCommerce-enabled, 100% secure and offer you:

  • An attractive, modern site with a top online retailer shopping experience
  • Sharp product images, virtual samples, easy-to-use product details, ready-to-use videos and event planners
  • The latest technology to support social media channels and Google plug-ins

"Without ASI and this branded Web solution, I wouldn't be able to share with our customers the vast number of products that they have to choose from. My customers love it!"

Sherry K. asi/490860

ASI offers tools to help you market your business.

Catalogs are great showcase pieces and amazing marketing tools to show clients and prospects the tangible products that they can order from you. Some of our catalogs include:

Spectrum Celebration™ - This convenient, digest-sized catalog will become your most indispensable and versatile selling tool.

Idea Showcase® - This compact catalog is the ultimate leave-behind and mailer.

Media File® - The world's largest promotional products catalog.

Spectrum® - This catalog appeals to all audiences and is a must-have for your selling and marketing efforts.

The Gift Book® - This elegant catalog contains an impressive collection of prestigious executive gifts.

The Professional Buyer's Guide™ - Canada's #1 choice for researching and buying promotional products.

"ASI's marketing catalogs have been awesome! I got THREE orders yesterday – 1 from a current customer and 2 from a VERY large company I've been trying to get into for over a year!"

Joy M. asi/490243

Research and order every promotional product in the industry from over 3,000+ ASI suppliers. You'll be able to sell more products, faster, which is why it's used by over 40,000 distributors. Here's what you get:

  • Instant access to ESP from anywhere you're connected to WiFi... even from your phone
  • Intelligent searching which guides you to the right products and gives you the most accurate information
  • Integrated marketing including customizable presentations, sales-generating event planners and client project creation

"My business has been running more efficiently since joining ASI. I can find everything I need on ESP... with one click!"

Carina M. asi/126708

ESP Orders allows you to have more free time in your office by providing you with instant organization. By efficiently managing your orders, your business will make more money than ever. ESP improves your ordering process by allowing you to:

  • Order directly from ESP in just a few clicks
  • Create a master sales order instantly, without rekeying
  • Generate Purchase Orders to create error-free PO's
  • Integrate with QuickBooks and ProfitMaker to speed up your accounting

"ESP Orders has improved the speed and accuracy of our order-to-invoice process a great deal and this alone justifies the very small fee for this service."

Maura S. asi/356446