iBeani. Fleece beanie has built in speakers. Users can connect to MP3 players and listen to music when walking jogging, running, biking, etc. From Purple G Compressed Tees (asi/80086).  
Buzz Brush. This combination product includes a computer screen cleaner and brush for cleaning between the keys of a computer’s keyboard. Also available with a ball point pen or USB flash drive. Lots of application for a variety of different industries – computer sales, computer repairs, websites, etc. From All-In-One (asi/34256).
Buzz Brush
Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2
Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad 2. One complaint user have with the iPads is the touch screen keyboard. Well, this Bluetooth activated keyboard not only affords the user a better alternative, it also provides protection for the unit as well. A great high-end gift for iPad retailers and companies where employees use iPads while on the road. From Pingline (asi/78137).
Light Up Medusa Hair. This light up hair comes in a variety of colors to fit a variety of themes – red, white & blue for July 4, orange for Halloween, green for St. Patty’s Day, etc. Great for festivals and night clubs. From Alight Promotional Products (asi/34194).
Light Up Medusa Hair
Sol Flap
Sol Flap. Very thin, light headgear that goes under your ball cap to provide sun protection for your neck. From Fairway (asi/53625).
Itsy Bitsy Glasses. Miniature reading glasses. From Panther Vision (asi/75825).
Itsy Bitsy Glasses
Paracord Bracelet
Paracord Bracelet. Made of very strong parachute material, it unravels from a bracelet you actually wear on your wrist to a long cord you can use outdoors for tying, securing etc. From Pinnacle (asi/78140).
Cell Phone Accessory. A retro telephone handset that plugs into your cellphone to make calls cool and easy. From Panther Vision (asi/75825).
Cell Phone Accessory
Podlight. Podlight includes a split key ring so the user can attach keys. When activated the unit is placed in a purse, bag, tote, locker or any dark place and illuminates when the bag, etc., is opened. Unique for promotions targeting women, men, students, athletes, etc. From Tadzini Design Group (asi/90557).
Cap With Built In Lights. This cap has lights sandwiched in the bill and one underneatht he bill making working in dark places a lot easier. A great product for promotions geared to home owners, hunters, anglers, etc. From Outdoor Cap Co. (asi/75420).
Cap With Built In Lights
Duct Tape
Duct Tape. For decades, men have used duct tape as a handyman’s panecea. Now it’s available as a promotional tool. A variety of colors are available and it comes packaged in a bag with custom stickers as well as an imprinted core. Great for the do-it-yourselfer industry, handymen, construction companies, plumbers, heating repair, etc. From Duct Tape Promotions (asi/50892).
Stone Paper Journal. Spiral bound notepad includes 70 sheets of paper made from actual stone. It’s waterproof, anti-bacterial smudge proof, tear proof, made without bleaching and is completely recycleable and biodegraeable. Any company that uses journals now has an eco-friendly option. From Yanlee Trading Co. (asi/98766).  
Stone Paper Journal
Birthday Card with LED Candle
Birthday Card with LED Candle. This birthday card features an LED light candle that is actually blown out by the recipient. A great idea for companies to send to their favorite clients on birthdays and other occassions. From CleggPromo (asi/45450).  
Boom Beanie. This knit beanie has built in head phones that plug into anyone’s MP3 player. Great for promotions geared to high school and college students. From Source Abroad (asi/88242).
Boom Beanie
Built NY Neoprene Products
Built NY Neoprene Products. Oven mitt and iPad sleeve are designed from fun and funky neoprene. These sharply designed products work in a number of different promotions over any number of industries. From Prime Line (asi/75390).
Pop-Up Maps. The pop-up map has been reimagined. Not just for city maps anymore, the new pop-up products can include information on new product offerings, or a map for a golf course or ski resort. The small pocket-sized product packs a powerful punch. From PopOut Products (asi/68650).
Pop-Up Maps
Custom Wine Bottle
Custom Wine Bottle. Wine in a completely customized bottle is a unique item to use as an award, as a thank-you gift, for a grand opening, to announce a new business venture, etc. From A Plus Wine Designs (asi/30223).  
Drinkin Duck. The drinking duck is a device that affixes the opening of any standard beverage can, keeping debris from reaching the drinkers mouth. The variety of colors ensures that everyone knows which drink belongs to whom. Comes with a sealable pouch for safe storage. From Tainnovation LLC (asi/90555).
Drinkin Duck
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