On Father's Day, dads everywhere get crazy neckties, Greatest Dad coffee mugs and – if they're really, really good – brand-new golf goods for that special day on the links. A variety of advertising specialties like the ones below can be branded by companies and charitable organizations to reward lucky tournament winners while advertising a brand, club, group or greens.

Golf Bag
Golf bag, from King Par. A lightweight, multi-pocket golf bag with retractable legs is the perfect high-end gift for executives or as a prize for the winner.
Umbrella, from Windbrella. Every golfer needs an umbrella that is oversized and has vents to prevent the wind from turning it inside out. Imprint a school or company logo on this model’s panels.  
Cover keeper
Cover keeper, from Eisinger Smith Inc. Golfers love to protect their clubs, but the problem with golf club covers is that they tend to disappear, like the missing sock during a wash cycle. The cover keeper ensures that once the club has been removed, the cover doesn’t stray.
Spotless Swing 3-in-1 towel, from Pro Towels Etc. This 3-in-1 golf towel has a carabineer so it easily attaches to any loop on a golf bag. It has three surfaces: inside for muddy clubs, a grooved towel for irons and the outside surface for hands and faces.
Ball marker
Ball marker, from Tin Cup Products. Make like a pro golfer and use a similar felt-tipped marker and tin cup to mark yours, too.
Hook/slice correcting ball, from Polara Golf. The average duffer has one of two unwanted habits: either hooking or slicing the ball too often. The Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball reports to correct those tendencies by 75%, which means straighter drives from the tee box.
Hook/slice correcting ball
Flag, from Quinn Flags. Golf outing organizers can give away customized flags at day’s end so golfers have something to remember them by.
Divot tool set, from EMT. The switchblade-action divot repair tool comes in a gift tin and includes three ball markers that adhere to the unit via a magnet. The ball markers and tin can be totally customized.
Divot tool set
Shot glass
Shot glass, from Crown Products. Now for something completely different – this shot glass is made of food-grade silicone and will not break, even if it’s run over by a car. But the neat thing is it has a dimple on the bottom, and when turned over it can actually be used as a golf tee. A fun giveaway for a charity golf event.
Wristlok bracelet, from Fey Promotional Products Group. Comes with removable tabs and is perfect for golf outings. Each tab can be used for a drink or to participate in contests like longest drive or closest to the pin.
Wristlok bracelet
Cap with ball marker
Cap with ball marker, from Headwear USA. Many golfers wear a cap or visor when golfing. This cap features a unique magnetized ball marker.
Award, from Proactive Sports. At the end of the day, a glazed ceramic award with polished chrome finish that comes in three different sizes is the perfect prize.
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