Jeremy Young, one of ASI's technology engineers, revels at Sunday night's Philadelphia Flyers' hockey game against the Boston Bruins. Jeremy's capacity for acting like a loon has no bounds, as evidenced here by him gleefully donning a foam "puck head." While he didn't purchase one of those, he did snap up this large orange foam fist, fitted with a molded center perfect for holding beers. He also, at one point during the game, raised his foam fist in defiance, urging Philly fans to "Fight the Power" and brandished it menacingly (well, as menacingly as a big Velveeta-colored foam fist can be...) at the opposing team.

Let it never be said that promotional products don't liven up a party. Due directly to the big cheese-colored foam fist Jeremy purchased at Sunday night's Philadelphia Flyers' hockey game, he was the most popular kook at the event, attracting scores of marinated fans to share his fist of fun.