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Why Business Credit Reports?  Why Monitor Credit?

Why Experian business credit reporting?

An objective, accurate business credit report provides access to critical information needed for making informed financial business decisions about whom you do business with and at what price. The chart below presents what data might be available and how it helps:

What you get:

How it helps:

Business background information Decide whether to do business with a company
Comprehensive financial information Assess business risk of extending terms and credit levels
Credit risk factors Avoid surprises from current customers when you review them for credit increases
Banking, trade and collection history Know what to expect based on an account's historical business practices
Past liens, judgments, business registrations and bankruptcies Quickly determine whether you can confidently make a credit decision concerning a new customer or if further investigation is needed
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings Determine your credit position relative to other creditor positions that may already be in place