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Stress-Free Email Marketing

Discover how easy it is to grow new and existing business.

Emails are an important part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Use email marketing to accomplish these four main goals:

Reach the Right Prospects

By choosing a specific list of email recipients, you are reaching out to a highly targeted audience, giving you a better chance of receiving more qualified leads.

Get Your Name Out There

Email marketing is a great way to gain brand awareness within the industry.

Be Shareable

Emails can be shared across social networks and online platforms, so you’ll have an even further reach than your list of email recipients.

Track Your Success

Measure report metrics such as deliverability, open rates, click-thru rates and more, then adjust your advertising based on the results.

Email Marketing is a tool you can access conveniently within ESP®. We built this tool to make your email marketing experience simple and stress-free. Send customized emails to targeted prospect lists and start increasing your sales. You'll receive 50 free email sends per month and can purchase more to meet your marketing needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Email Marketing within ESP is connected to ESP CRM so you don’t have to rekey information or search for customer email addresses.
  • Emails will come from your ESP account so you can work directly from a single program.
  • Choose from multiple design templates and customize each email to fit your goals.
  • Reach a specific audience through targeted lists in order to sell more and increase brand awareness.

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How It All Works

This email marketing tool conveniently located in ESP allows you to link products directly from your ESP Clipboard or Projects Folder.

Here's how to build your campaign:

1. Create a New Campaign

Start by naming your campaign and entering the necessary info, such as a subject line and a reply-to email address.

2. Design Your Email

Use pre-designed, customizable templates with themes like Events, Coupons and Text-Based. You can even design your own in a few clicks and add products directly from ESP.

3. Build Your List

Select the list of recipients you’d like to receive your email by using the credits bought within the system. You can also save each list for future campaigns!

4. Track Your Results

Receive detailed, user-friendly reports for each email campaign that include delivery, open and click-thru rates, as well as the number of emails that bounced.


Pricing tiers are based on the desired amount of emails to send and do not expire. Each send amount represents the number of recipients. For example: 500 sends allow you to send a single email to up to 500 recipients.

To help you get started, we'll give you 50 free email sends per month.

Send Price
50 Free
250 $10
500 $20
1,000 $35
5,000 $150
10,000 $250
Order Now
*ESP license with CRM required, ESP fees apply.
50 free email sends reset at the beginning of each month.
Purchased email sends do not expire.