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Coffee table books
Coffee table books: National Geographic Society, asi/73383. Books always make a good present, even for people in the business world. Beautiful books from National Geographic not only include incredible photography, but they can also be customized and personalized.
iPad keyboard: Pingline, asi/78137. High-tech products and accessories like the Bluetooth-activated keyboard – which makes typing a whole lot easier - will be on everyone’s wish list. 
iPad keyboard
Outdoor jacket
Outdoor jacket: Trimark Sportswear Group Inc., asi/92122. Jackets are essential and appreciated. They come in men's and women's styles and are perfect for people who work and play outdoors in the winter months.
Leather wrapped thermos: Sweda Co. LLC, asi/90305. Practical and elegant, it’s just the thing for the sales rep on the go.
Leather wrapped thermos
>Customized wine and spirits
Customized wine and spirits: A Plus Wine Design, asi/30223. Make a strong showing with a giveaway that’s perfect for holiday parties and to leave with clients on visits. The receiver can share with a loved one or put out at any holiday party.
Leather Nook cover: Royce Leather, asi/52390. Sure to give the iPad a run for its money, the new Nook tablet will be a best-seller this year, and accessories will show thoughtfulness.
Leather Nook cover
Throw blanket
Throw blanket: KTP Design Co., asi/63773. Winter months bring images of snuggling up in front of a warm fire. Enhance that experience with a custom woven afghan that companies can imprint with any image or logo.
Ogio bag: SanMar, asi/84863. Duffel bags are perfect for travel and going to the gym. This bag has flexible spines, allowing it to stand or bend at will.
Ogio bag
Nonwoven Bag
Ornaments: Faro USA, asi/53697 & Marbex Inc. asi/68708. A finely-crafted holiday ornament doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Most can be easily mailed, hung from a company’s tree or given out to visitors.
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