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Quad Tech Pen/Stylus is offered in five metallic colors with chrome accents and spot or full-color digital imprinting. The pen clip expands and acts as a phone stand and the face of the clip is a screen cleaner. Aakron Rule (asi/30270).

AceWriter uses Active Stylus technology, which provides responsiveness and precision unmatched by capacitive styluses. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 8 hours of continuous use. Acehigh Tech Corp. (asi/30537).

SHARPDRAW Pencil looks like a common 9mm utility knife, but is actually an accurate and efficient carpenter pencil. Its 9mm lead is designed to snap off while resisting fracture due to carbon fiber reinforcement. Alexander Mfg. Co. (asi/34040).

Transformer Pen, Stylus, Stand, LED has a touch stylus, twist-action ballpoint pen and LED flashlight. Fold the pen and use it as a phone stand. ALL-IN-ONE (asi/34256).

Norwood Duo Twist Pen Highlighter has a twist-action mechanism that quickly and easily switches between the pen tip and highlighter tip. It’s offered in several colors with black or blue ink. BIC Graphic North America (asi/40480).

Moreno MGC Stylus Pen has a matte metallic-colored barrel with a black rubber grip. It has a responsive capacitive stylus and high-quality Glide-Write ink. Evans Mfg. (asi/52840).

Syringe Stylus Pen has a soft stylus end, twist top and yellow highlighter. It’s offered in blue, green, red or silver. Fields Manufacturing (asi/54100).

Zentrio Triple Function Light-Up Pen has a micro-stylus and a high-gloss enamel barrel with a powerful LED flashlight that’s activated by pushing the cap onto the end of the pen. Hub Pen Co. (asi/61966).

elleven Prizm 3-in-1 Ballpoint Stylus has a black ink ballpoint, rubberized stylus and laser pointer. Its stylish design has a subtle metallic finish and gloss black enamel accents. Leed's (asi/66887).

iWriter Gravity Stylus Pen works by gravity – simply turn the pen over when you are ready to write and the ballpoint tip falls out of the barrel and locks in place for you to use. The point then retracts when you’re finished. It’s offered in nine metallic colors. Liqui-Mark Corp. (asi/67675).

Precision Stylus/Pen/LED Light is an aluminum cap-off ballpoint pen with an LED light and precision stylus. The retractable precision stylus lets you see exactly where your mark is being made and is ideal for creative professionals. Logomark Inc. (asi/67866).

Swanky Graduation Pen is a click-action ballpoint pen with a mortarboard and tassel and matching tie clip. It’s offered in black, blue and red. Prime Line (asi/79530).

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