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Mood Bowl is made in the USA and changes color when ice-cold liquids (or ice cream) are added to the bowl. It’s reusable and top-rack dishwasher safe. Aakron Rule (asi/30270).

Dependable 8,000mAh Car Starter/Cell Power Bank includes a smart car jump-start cable, which is spark-proof with short-circuit, reverse-polarity and over-/under-voltage protection. It can also charge USB devices. Ariel Premium Supply (asi/36730).

Cool-it Caddy for Men has top-opening access with zippered closure, fully insulated interior and a patent-pending integrated cooling system. Put it in the freezer overnight and it’s ready to use. It’s small enough to fit in a golf bag or backpack. Cool-It Caddy (asi/46538).

Round Silicone Lunch Container is made of food-grade polypropylene and silicone. It holds up to 3 cups of food and collapses flat for easy storage. Evans Mfg. (asi/52840).

Silicone Bottle Hugger is a lightweight silicone tote that expands and stretches around a bottle in style. It holds one 750-mL bottle. Leed's (asi/66887).

Digital BBQ Thermometer Fork quickly reads the temperature of meat or lets you set the desired doneness of meat to USDA-recommended cooking temperatures. It also has a built-in LED flashlight for cooking in low light. Logomark Inc. (asi/67866).

LED Maglite has a sleek, compact design and simple twist head for on/off or focus/spot-to-flood. It also has a hands-free candle mode and rugged machined aluminum construction. Maglite Promo (asi/68449).

Infinlit is an award-winning, customizable, energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light bulb that is dimmable by simply using an existing on/off switch. Its lifespan is rated at 27.5 years. OrigAudio (asi/75254).

RW x preloved 3M Pillow is made of material from 3M umbrellas destined for the landfill. It features the upcycled 3M branded panel from the umbrella and black vegan leather. It’s made in Canada. Redwood Classics Apparel (asi/81627).

Mighty Work Light is a COB (chip on board) work light that provides a powerful lantern-like effect. It also has a pivoting fold-away hook, clip and magnet to secure it almost anywhere. Starline USA Inc. (asi/89320).

Generic Gift Case can be printed with “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” and can include an adult, child or infant toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, floss picks and wellness instructions. Other items such as business cards and coupons can also be packed in the case. Wisconsin Specialties (asi/98010).

Glass Shape Gravity Wine Bottle Holder is made of crushed bamboo and will hold a bottle of wine in mid-air. It’s shaped like a wine glass. Zipline (asi/99030).

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