Counselor 2015 Product Design

Product Design Awards

Tech Accessories

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Monkey-Shaped Cell Phone Holder is a cute design made of a flexible material that can bend and hold shape in many directions to accommodate most cell phones. Use it to stand a phone on a desk, hang it from a rear-view mirror and more. IMARK (asi/35579).

Trekbit Activity Tracker keeps track of steps, calories, distance, sleep patterns and more. Both the hardware and the software are supplied. Focus On FITT (asi/54895).

Eclipse Leather Tablet Swivel Stand fits up to 10" tablets and offers adjustable vertical and horizontal viewing with Velcro locking system. Gemline (asi/56070).

Gweebudsguppy is earbuds with holder and glass/touchscreen cleaner all in one. It has a powerful embedded magnet to keep it securely fastened to clothes during vigorous activity. Gweepromo (asi/58487).

Crystal Flash Drive is offered in multiple styles with white, red, blue or green lighting to highlight the 2-D or 3-D HD sub-surface engraving within the crystal. GW Crystal (asi/55609).

Clip-It Vent Mount easily mounts a phone to a car's heat/air conditioning vent for hand-free access and high visibility. Ball-in-socket joint allows for landscape or portrait orientation. HandStands (asi/59525).

Bluetooth Selfie Stick is extendable with a self-adjusting clamp to fit most smartphones. Simply connect to it using a phone's Bluetooth connection and snap a photo using the button on the handle. KTI Networks (asi/63776).

High Sierra Grizzly Outdoor NFC Bluetooth Speaker is water-, impact- and dust-resistant. It also provides hands-free calling with a microphone. Leed's (asi/66887).

High-Capacity Power Bank has Samsung lithium ion batteries that offer 5200mAh of backup power. It features charge-level indicators and a LED flashlight. Logomark (asi/67866).

The LOOP is an attractive, functional way to keep earbuds handy and untangled. Its sleek, simple design is compact enough to fit in a pocket and comes in 10 translucent colors. The LOOP (asi/67936).

myCharge AMPMAX Portable Charger with Flashlight is a compact portable charger that has enough power to charge a smartphone or tablet. Its 6000mAh battery provides 27 hours of talk time. Norwood by BIC Graphic (asi/74400).

RoxBox Capsule Bluetooth Speaker has an IPX4 water-resistant rating, so it will continue to play in wet situations. Starline Industries (asi/89213).

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