Vote for the Advantages Distributor Salesperson of the Year

Rep #1: Christopher Kuranz


About Me: “I’m a high-energy, people person.”

Biggest Motivation: “My family.”


Rep #2: Rob Charlton

Company: Next Trend Designs

About Me: "I tend to be outgoing, creative and I would like to think I have a keen ability to read my customers well."


Rep #3: Kelly Stone

Company: The Idea Box, powered by Proforma

About Me: “I am very dedicated and loyal.”


Rep #4: Glen Jusczyk

Company: AMGC

About Me: “My greatest achievement in life is my cancer-crushing daughter.”


Rep #5: Noel Garcia

Company: Boundless Network

About Me: “I’m fun-loving, committed, confident, a risk taker, sometimes misunderstood and sometimes a pain in the ass.”


Rep #6: Kris Palmer

Company: Grapevine Designs

About Me: “I’m fiercely driven, I search for inspiration at every turn, I’m a perfectionist to a fault, a lover of creative wisdom, and above all things a design fanatic.”


Rep #7: Gentry Harrington

Company: Activate! Promotions + Marketing

About Me: “I’m a competitive, enthusiastic manager and a dedicated husband/father.”


Rep #8: Andy Olson

Company: Staples Promotional Products

About Me: “I am a hard worker that wants to win in all aspects of life: business, husband, father and friend.”


Rep #9: Pete Thuss

Company: Talbot Promo

About Me: “I am a driven person that does what I have to do get the job done, business or personal.”


Rep #10: Sandy Poster

Company: Axis Promotions

About Me: "I'm determined, driven, honest, and mid-western - even though I transplanted to NY in my mid-20s."


Rep #11: Sandy Gonzalez

Company: MadeToOrder

About Me: "Driven!"