Distributor Success System

ASI Mobile

ASI Mobile is the first program in the industry to provide supplier data over a wireless device. The current application allows users to search for suppliers, find their contact information, see their supplier ratings and contact them directly, whether by email, phone or Web site.

Who Can Use ASI Mobile?

  • Currently the program is available to all ESP Online users
  • It is available on any device that supports the latest wireless technologies.  It works best on PDAs and Web-enabled "Smart" phones that support WAP 2.0
How Do I Access ASI Mobile?
  • Enter:  Your ESP Online ASI number, E-mail address and Password
What Will I See?

ASI mobile consists of four easy to use screens.
  • Log-in: Users are prompted to enter their ESP Online ASI #, E-mail address and Password
  • Supplier Search: Users can lookup suppliers by ASI#, Company Name or Linename, ZIP code or phone number
  • Partial searches are possible e.g. enter ‘bod’ and you’ll get all suppliers with ‘bod’ in their name like ‘Bodek’
  • Supplier Search Results:  Search results that return multiple suppliers (up to 100) will be shown on this page as a list of links (asi # and name).  Each link will take the user to the supplier detail for that supplier.
  • Supplier Detail: The supplier’s ASI#, address, phone, email, Web site, and supplier rating are displayed
  • Phone numbers can be dialed directly from the application. Email and Web site links are also active.
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