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Summer 2004

NEWS : Successful Promotions

Planning For October

Co-Op Awareness Month. As the year begins to wind down, check to see if you have any co-op money left. In most cases, any funds not used by the end of the year are lost. Or, if this year’s allotment is gone, start thinking about how to use it next year.

Computer Learning Month. Schools, libraries, community centers and other educational organizations can use this month to promote computer-related courses, books and programs. With so many computer-oriented products available through your promotional consultant, you’re sure to find the one that’ll best send your message.

National Cookie Month. Everybody loves cookies, right? Well, maybe not, but it’s probably safe to say that the crispy, crunchy treats are enjoyed by most. What’s not to like? Just think of all the varieties available from your promotional consultant: chocolate chip, fortune cookies, oatmeal raisin, almond, hazelnut, animal crackers, lemon, sugar and many more. Cookies can be a great way to get the attention of potential clients, or just to say “Thank you” to current ones.

National Roller Skating Month. The look of the skates may have changed over the past few decades, but roller skating continues to be one of the most popular pastimes in the U.S. Roller rinks still exist throughout the country, and it would be unusual to go to any park without seeing at least one skater. Rinks can have special events to mark the month or other companies can sponsor “skate-a-thons” to raise money and awareness. Sporting goods stores, police stations, schools, libraries and others can also promote skating safety.

October 3-9: Fire Prevention Week. Firefighters might be the first group that come to mind when Fire Prevention Week is mentioned, but all kinds of businesses can (and should) preach the benefits of fire prevention. Any number of promotional products can be used to spread a message of safety and awareness to children and adults: magnets, rulers, keytags, wearables, pens/pencils, coloring books, mugs … the list goes on. Learn more about fire safety and what you can do to spread awareness at

October 4-8: Customer Service Week. Now, here’s a week that should be observed by every company out there. No matter how good you think your company’s customer service is, there’s always room for improvement. Use this week to motivate customer service reps – along with the rest of the company – to practice consistently good customer service every day. Of course, it’s also a good time to recognize the hard work of customer service employees and reward them for their dedication. For more information, go to

October 11-17: National Networking Week. Businesses, organizations, trade associations, even lunchtime meeting places and after-work hangouts can help local businesspeople meet-and-greet. Plan different days for different groups, or have an open networking event every day. Make things even easier for the guests by providing them with appropriate products such as logoed pens, note jotters, business-card holders, name badges, badge holders, etc.