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Summer 2004

NEWS : Successful Promotions

Planning For September

Shameless Promotion Month. Forget about modesty. Work with your consultant to get your message to employees, customers and prospects. Integrate direct mail, Web promos, special events and other marketing tools with promotional products for maximum effect. If that’s not enough inspiration, September 19-25 is also Build A Better Image Week.

Healthy Aging Month. Set aside to promote the positive aspects of growing older, Healthy Aging Month encourages adults over 50 to improve their physical, mental, social and financial fitness. Senior centers, retirement homes, hospitals, doctors, gyms, colleges, libraries and many others can help spread this message to their more mature customers and employees. For more information, go to

September 1-7: National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. According to the “As Safe As Possible” campaign, 20.6 million children are hurt from unintentional household injuries every year and 22,000 die as a result. But nearly all – 90% – are preventable. Any type of company can help prevent childhood injuries and create goodwill with parents by using child-safe products in promotions. A variety of such products are available in the industry, including baby monitors, safety-awareness coloring books, stickers, reflectors, electrical-outlet covers and more. It’s also Baby Safety Month.

September 7: Do It! Day (a.k.a. Fight Procrastination Day). Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Plan a promotion that will encourage people to do something already, whether it’s starting a new exercise regimen, learning to cook, going back to school, finding a romantic partner or buying a new house. Countdown clocks, calendars, watches and other dated items are a natural choice, but just about any product can motivate with the right message.

September 9: Wonderful Weirdos Day. Today’s a day to thank all the weirdos in your life for sharing their unique view of the world. And, chances are you’ll have no shortage of people to recognize. Businesses can have contests that reward creative “out there” thinking or just have fun giving out wacky products.

September 15 - October 15: National Hispanic Heritage Month. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were nearly 39 million people of Hispanic origin living in the U.S. in 2002, totaling more than 13% of the overall population. Companies that have Latino employees or customers (which, really, is just about everyone) can honor Hispanic heritage by holding special events or contests to celebrate this month. For more information about Hispanic Heritage Month, including achievements, history and culture, go to

September 19-25: Tolkien Week. Maybe you’re old enough to remember the “Frodo Lives” and “Gandalf For President” merchandise from the last time J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was embraced by pop culture. Now, with the extended DVD of the last installment of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the trilogy, The Return of the King, set to hit stores at the end of the year, it could be your last chance to cash in on hobbit-mania. Take advantage of it with fantasy-related promotions and products, such as wizard caps, magic wands, puzzles, collectibles, candles, etc.