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Summer 2004

NEWS : Successful Promotions

Latest & Greatest

Our Product Guru Uncovers The Hottest New Items

By Michele Bell

Light the way. The “Custom Logo Light Beam” is a sleek, swanky flashlight on a key ring with a twist – it projects your logo in a brilliant light. The logo is inserted into the custom light beam and the copy can be laser-engraved or silk-screened on the blue, silver or gray barrel.

Available from asi/67866

Pop & go. “Pop-Up Popcorn Boxes” are one of the hottest promotional merchandising and sales tools to hit the market in years. As a pre-sale incentive, on-pack gift with purchase and/or a scannable contest entry or instant rebate, Pop-Up Popcorn Boxes’ versatility will attract new customers, build brand loyalty and increase store traffic.

Available from asi/70654

Finders’ keepers. The new “Retract-A-Desk Pen™” is a great replacement for that annoying pen on the chain you find at the bank. You and your customers will always have a pen handy where it’s most needed, and it will stay put so it’s there for the next customer to use. Perfect for financial institutions, libraries, government offices and hospitals.

Available from asi/64635

Raise a toast. Talk about a hot product! This two-slice logo toaster is one of the coolest new items we’ve come across this year. Offered in two versions – white plastic and chrome metal – your logo will be cut out in the inside metal plates so it will be toasted onto one side of each bread slice.

Available from asi/65953

Talk to me, baby. A perfect way to inform and entice customers without cluttering up a display, these “Shelf Talkers” have adhesive on the back of the “T” top to fold over any shelf to make the presentation that much more eye-catching and appealing to shoppers. Stock full-color backgrounds can be used to enhance your design.

Available from asi/59080

Quick, click! The “iClick Sapphire 100” has pixel resolution that’s great for emailing and sharing photos, and its 2Mb of internal memory can hold over 100 pictures before downloading. The packaging includes the camera, photo editing software, hand strap and instruction manual. The Sapphire is both Mac and PC compatible, and the one-year warranty and attentive technical support staff guarantee top-quality, hassle free service.

Available from asi/70045

A BEACON IN THE DARK. A perfect way to set your pen apart from everyone else’s, the “Lumex Pen” is offered in green, red or blue LED. The Lumex light blinks fast, slow or continuously based on how many times you press the button.  Topped off with a fashionable Twirl clip, no one will miss this in your pocket or on your desk!

Available from asi/53411

Make an entrance. Impress your clients and make them feel special and valued with a unique product like “DigiPrint Logo Mats.” Offering vibrant, rich graphics, you can choose from more than 200 colors to create a lasting impression for your customer’s entryway. The minimum quantity is only one mat, and for a limited time, you can get two for the price of one.

Available from asi/67849