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Summer 2004

NEWS : Successful Promotions

The Buys Of Summer

There are few things I love and look forward to like summer. My friends and I rent a house at the beach in Avalon, NJ – which is what you do if you’re from Philly, are anywhere from 22- to 50-years old and single. During the summer, the population of Avalon explodes from about 10,000 to about 100,000. It is, needless to say, quite the time.

One thing I’ve begun to notice at the many house parties thrown at the shore each summer is that each hosting group of people has their own imprinted promotional products made with the name of the party (“Hank & Co.’s Summer Solstice Party”), the date and place (Avalon, Summer 2004) and the house’s “slogan” (“We never close”). The wide array of products bought and given out to the hundreds of guests at each function are truly awesome and creatively inspired. My favorite: Umbrellas imprinted with a martini glass and the mantra “When it rains, we pour.”

It seems as though summer has become the time for people to look around at the multitude of outdoor events, parties, graduations, reunions, etc., and commemorate the occasion with some fun, fabulous promotional products. Lucky for you, this issue of Imprint is chock full of the best new products ready for imprinting, promotional ideas and marketing strategies all designed to achieve whatever your goal may be – to increase sales, motivate a sales team, thank hard-working employees, attract new clients, or to memorialize a party with family and friends.

Even better, we now have a reader response mechanism where you can ask for information about any item you see in this and upcoming issues. Your request will be forwarded right to your promotional consultant so he or she can get started on helping you.

I know I’m going to consult a promotional professional to help me find that perfect item for my beach house’s party: The Tour de Shore. This is a very dignified affair in which each group house chooses a costume theme, dresses up and rides their bikes from bar to bar. Imagine, if you will, about 500 people, the average age of about 32, dressed like Santas (with imprinted bags of coal), clowns (with imprinted water guns) and Playboy bunnies (with imprinted ears), among others, on a herd of bicycles.

Last year my house went as cowgirls and Indians – by the end of the tour, both groups were tipsy and splayed all over the grass. It looked like Little Big Horn. This year we’re thinking of going as Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas. And I’m already planning to order imprinted chocolate bars, of course!

Trust me – summer parties can generate the most absolutely fabulous memories. Why not use promotional products to make them last even longer?

Michele Bell

PS: As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (215) 953-3323 or Have a sensational summer!