July / August 2010

Successful Promotions

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Direct Mail That Delivers
The tried-and-true marketing method is evolving, but as these case studies show, it continues to get real results. Here’s how to
make direct mail work for you. By Alex Palmer <empty> MORE

Dress To Impress
From Sex and the City 2 to Chiquita bananas, apparel offers powerful opportunities to engage consumers. Check out how trendy T-shirts and even roll-up shoes were used in four successful campaigns. By Alex Palmer <empty> MORE

With Sincere Apologies
Nobody can afford to lose a good customer. So if you've angered one lately, you need to act fast. Here's a four-step emergency plan to get you out of hot water quickly. By Denis Jensen <empty> MORE

Las Vegas Hot Spots
Here's the lowdown on what's new – and hot – in sin city.
By Gioia Macey
<empty> MORE

Pump Up This Promo
Fort Lauderdale's tourism agency used a unique beachmobile and a Times Square billboard to lure New Yorkers to its sunny beaches. By Jean Erickson <empty> MORE

Launch Pad
Hot promotional news & ideas. <empty> MORE

A month's worth of creative dates and planning. <empty> MORE

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A Sexy Tie-In

Product Showcase
What’s hot with the latest apparel, merchandise and everything else imprintable

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