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ESP Tips

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ESP Tips
April 17, 2014

High-Performance Sales Tool

Successful distributors know that they can't do it all, and sometimes the best strategy is to let others help. Here's where ESP Presentations comes into play. In a few simple steps, you can set up an impressive presentation by utilizing this popular sales tool that will increase your chances to convert orders and increase your bottom line. There are a variety of ways you can set up a presentation in ESP. See below for a few quick tips on creating a presentation, adjusting pricing and enabling customers to shop directly from your presentation.

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Did you know?

The three most popular ways to create a presentation in ESP are:

  1. Starting from scratch by clicking the “Create a Presentation” option from the main navigation bar.
  2. Selecting products from your product clipboard and choosing “Create a Presentation” from the marked items menu.
  3. Choosing theme-based products from inside Event Planner. Simply select the products you want, and choose “Create a Presentation” from the marked items menu.

 Click here for the Create a Presentation link.

Did You Know? You can save time and effort by adjusting the prices of all the products in your presentation in one simple step! From inside Presentations, click “Price Calculator” and you can manipulate the pricing anyway you like. You can add or subtract a fixed dollar amount or a percentage to your net or retail pricing with ease. And, if you ever want to reset the pricing to what’s current in ESP, just click the “Update to Current ESP Price” link.

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Did You Know? You can let customers shop directly from your presentation by sharing that presentation to your ESP Website. Any modifications you’ve made to the product’s description, imagery and pricing in the presentation will carry over to your website. Don’t worry, the presentation is in a hidden link, so only the customer that you want to have access will be able to find the products. Once your customers access the website, they can add those products to their shopping cart and check out in real time.

Adding your presentation to your ESP Website is easy. Once you’re done designing your presentation, just click on the “Share” option on the main navigation. From the share menu, select “Publish to ESP Websites” and then select the site you want to host your presentation. That’s it! Your presentation is now available for purchase.

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