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The industry's best case studies and professional development opportunities June 2012
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CASE STUDIES: More than a Note Holder
Get Students' Attention | Striving for Sustainability
1-Minute Case Study | SOCIAL NETWORKING

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Advantages Editor Kathy Huston and Promo Biz Coach Rosalie Marcus discuss some great tips on upselling.
Case Study:
More than a Note Holder
When leaders of Cambria Suites were looking for a note holder to distribute during their sales blitz, they turned to their distributor, Red Ball Promotions (asi/346567). "They wanted something that would ‘rent’ desk space for a while, coupled with being creative and fun," says Nina Shatz, Red Ball’s director of sales.

Shatz found an ASI vendor that was able to custom-design the top of a note holder. She chose the "swirl" design within the client’s logo. The vendor turned around a virtual sample within 24 hours. It was also able to include a one-color imprint on the logo on the base of the holder. The supplier’s factory overseas PMS matched the color of the wire, and its employees hand-shaped each piece.

"They came out so well that people are still talking about them," says Shatz. Red Ball produced 1,500 note holders and had them shipped all over the United States. The order generated about $7,000. And while it wasn’t a huge order, the client response was the best part. "They saw that we always look outside of the box and work as a team for success," she says.

Since then, Cambria Suites has continued to book business with Red Ball Promotions. "We recently did menus for the company’s new in-house restaurants," says Shatz. "Also, for the Annual Owners Meeting, we used the Maui Jim consignment program, and everyone got a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, encased in a custom Cambria Suites sunglass case."

Biz tip: Surprise your clients
Shatz knew that her buyers were just looking for a desk item. When they asked for a note holder, they were expecting the typical clip top. "They went wild when we showed them this idea. It goes to show, if you look long and hard enough, you can be a hero every day," she says.

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1-Minute Case Study
In a new video report, Advantages is presenting a 1-Minute Case Study each month that focuses on quick success stories that will boost your creative energy. In this month’s edition, we spotlight a campaign that used a creative snowman kit.
1-Minute Case Study
Advantages Staff Writer Jennifer Vishnevsky discusses a unique campaign that will grab clients’ attention any time of year.
Social Networking

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Case sTudy:
Get Students' Attention
Each year, SandRidge Energy visits college campuses across Oklahoma and neighboring states in search of talent to keep the company competitive. ROBYN Promotions (asi/309656)has been doing business with SandRidge Energy for several years. "They were actually referred to us by one of our local vendors," says Brian Blake, director of marketing for ROBYN.

Each spring and fall, SandRidge recruiters attend career fairs to talk with students majoring in engineering, IT, accounting and other business specialties about internships at SandRidge. In order to stand out amidst a crowded auditorium, SandRidge reps knew that they needed to give something away. "The students swarm to the cool items," says Ashley McDaniel, a recruiter for SandRidge. "We’ve used water bottles the last couple of years, so I wanted to do something different this year ... something we haven’t seen before."

The SandRidge communications department worked with ROBYN Promotions to design a Tervis-inspired, double-walled tumbler that works for either hot or cold beverages. They selected a Triton 16-oz. tumbler. What really sets it apart is the custom woven patch with the SandRidge logo encapsulated inside the tumbler. "We used a woven patch to make a really sharp logo," says Blake. This was the company’s first order of this particular product (over 1,000 units). "They love it though and we expect them to order more in the fall when they start attending career fairs again," says Blake.

Biz tip: Give them what they want
If you're working with a client in the education market, make sure you are pitching useful items to the target demographic. For instance, flash drives and organizers are great items for college students. Trendy apparel and technology accessories are must-haves in the high school market. Make sure you're staying on top of what's hot for this trend-oriented demographic.
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Case Study:
Striving for Sustainability
In an industry that often values cost-efficiency over sustainability, Ad Spice Promotional Marketing (asi/105286) stands out as a distributor that’s doing things a little differently.

In January of 2011, co-founders Suzanne Robinson and Lee Coggins began gathering supplies and laying the foundation for their "Seed to Shirt Organic Cotton Project." The project, dedicated to raising awareness about organic, sustainable business practices, involved months of preparation and manual labor. On any given day, Robinson could be found on hands and knees, priming soil and digging in the yard outside the office building, which is located on a busy street in Durham, NC. In April of the same year, they planted the first of the organic cotton seeds they’d acquired from a seed bank in Virginia, effectively turning their lawn into a miniature but fully functional cotton farm.

Using a combination of social media, press releases, highlights in the local paper, and the buzz generated from passersby, company leaders hoped to attract attention to their often-overlooked cause. "It’s easy for people to understand why you’d choose an organic apple over a genetically-modified apple," Coggins says, "but it’s hard for people to see the need for something like organic cotton."

Once the display farm was up and running, Coggins says that interest exceeded their expectations, and all of Ad Spice’s hard work was rewarded with an explosion of curiosity in the company and its commitment to the environment. "People got excited about stopping by and seeing how the crop was coming along," she recalls. "They started to see everything that goes into an organic farm, how hard it can be."

Coggins says the effects of the project spread beyond the company and into their neighborhood. "It was a real community-builder," she says. "We were able to show people around the farm and even send them home with vegetables that we’d planted as trap crops (plants meant to lure harmful insects away from the cotton)."

And while the campaign may have improved the community, it certainly improved business. Year over year, Ad Spice saw its sale of organic cotton products jump 495%. It’s also continued to pick up clients who have heard about the project through word-of-mouth and are curious about the company’s organic products and its commitment to sustainability. The successful run has also prompted Ad Spice to announce the return of the farm, planned for 2013.

Biz tip: Dare to be different
The "Seed to Shirt Organic Cotton Project" was a stretch that paid off handsomely for Ad Spice. While your company might not be ready to start a farm on the side, brainstorm ideas that will get your business noticed by potential clients – the more unique the ideas, the better.


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