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Decorators, the first step to becoming an ASI member is to review all of the exclusive access you'll receive with your membership.

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Step 1: Basic Decorator Membership Benefits

The ASI Number

The ASI number is the only true, consistent industry identifier, recognized by all distributors and suppliers alike for more than 50 years. The ASI number brings to the table exclusive benefits that other industry organizations do not provide. With your ASI number, in addition to your access to a wealth of products and services, you gain:

  1. Credibility – the ASI number is the most respected and reputable industry identifier. All members need to provide solid evidence of their participation in the industry, and that evidence also works as proof positive of their desire to maintain the supplier/distributor/end-buyer sales channel.
  1. Recognition – the ASI number provides instant recognition to network professionals. You may receive earlier credit terms and discounts. ASI suppliers are subject to regular ratings and reporting, so you always know who you are dealing with.
  1. Exclusivity – Not everyone that applies for an ASI number qualifies – not even if they pay more. The criteria applied to ASI membership makes the ASI number something to aspire to and be proud of.

Many members use ASI numbers to manage their day to day business. Some common uses are:

  • Vendor identification
  • Customer numbers
  • Catalog classification
  • Credit references
  • Supplier ratings
  • Networking events invitation criteria
  • Special pricing or discount status
  • Preferred provider status

ESP Online™ for Decorators

The industry’s #1 business management and sales tool, with over 450 ASI wearable suppliers and 25 of the top non-wearable suppliers.  Giving you access to more products at better prices.  In addition, as a decorator member your business will be accessed in ESP Online by 30,000 distributors searching for decorators for their embroidery and decorating needs.

Your Company Listing Available 24/7

Your company listing will be available to over 24,000 distributors and suppliers 24 hours a day on ESP Online™ and They can search for your services at any time, for all of their decorating and embroidery needs.

ASI Show

ASI Show hosts five national tradeshows per year in Orlando, Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas providing ASI Decorator members the opportunity to network with thousands of potential customers.

Education: How to find clients; how to market your business

ASI understands that you may be new to the industry, and certainly new to ASI. We want you to take advantage of everything we offer as quickly and easily as possible. ASI will provide education in the form of seminars, webinars and white papers on how to find clients and how to market your business. You will also have access to important industry research that will help you understand your market and position yourself for growth.

 Advantages Roadshows exhibition at discounted fee

The Advantages Roadshow is the single best attended series of traveling shows in the industry. It brings together top suppliers and quality distributors. If you enjoy seeing all the new product ideas and selling tips in Advantages magazine each month, then you’ll love the Advantages Roadshow.

The All-New Stitches Roadshow – Created to Bring Together Suppliers with Decorators in a Productive Environment!

  • Fast Find – Once annually
    A directory of ASI network distributor members.

  •  Register – Once annually
    A directory of ASI network supplier members.

  • Your classified listing will appear in the annual Supplier Global Resource™ Buyers Guide
    ASI’s magazine that addresses the unique challenges facing North American ad specialty suppliers.
  • Affiliate and business services discounts
    Save hundreds in business services with discount like up to 45% off UPS® shipping, up to 50% savings on credit card processing, artwork services and more – it likely could add up to cover more than the cost of your membership.
  • Subscription to Stitches and Advantages magazines
    The undisputed leaders in education and sales advice for decorators and salespeople.

  • Multiple e-newsletter subscriptions covering wearables, embroidery and promotional products.

Savings and Discounts on:

  • Save up to 50% on credit card processing fees.
  • Save up to 45% on Shipping Services with UPS and up to 65% off UPS Freight™.
  • Discounted pricing at OfficeMax.
  • 40% discount on embroidery digitizing.
  • Custom design a health plan to fit your company’s needs and budget.
  • One Free Artwork Revision & 5% off online orders with Affinity Express.

*See for all show details and deadlines.
* PDF of Decorator Member Benefits

ASI Member Benefits

Get group-buying power on products and services that can help build your business. The money you save can help pay your ASI membership!

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You can save up to 45% on UPS shipping!

Affinity Express

Artwork Services

35% Off Digitizing with Affinity Express!

Access Group

Credit Card Processing

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