Member Qualifications

Distributors, the second step to becoming an ASI member is to review the qualifications of membership.

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Step 2: Distributor Membership Qualifications

Being an ASI Member means Instant Credibility with Industry Suppliers and Manufacturers!

To protect the Distributor and Supplier business model that ensures members are selling through the proper channels and are credible promotional products companies, ASI Members must meet stringent criteria to become and remain members.

For ASI to process your membership application you will need to:

  • Complete your application (available online, or the ASI Store)
  • Provide proof of business activity.  You can do this by submitting copies of invoices from at least three different ASI suppliers addressed to you, each over $100, and dated within the last twelve months.  Each invoice should also include the name, city and state of a different end-user customer.  International applicants, please supply references from three different ASI suppliers you've purchased from within the past twelve months in lieu of invoices.
  • Provide payment via credit card, check, or cash.

Membership Fee

ASI Basic Membership is $29.99/month for your first year.  For your initial sign up with ASI there is a one time only, non-refundable application fee of $150.

Payment Information:
We accept most major credit cards and have a secure page for you to enter your information. If you prefer, you may complete your application online and mail ASI a check. Please send all correspondence and payment to:

ASI Membership Department
4800 Street Road
Trevose, PA 19053-6698

If you mail your payment, please enclose a written note with the following information:

  1. Your Company Name as indicated on your online application.
  2. Specify that you have completed an online application, the date you completed that application and that this payment is to be applied to your membership and processing fees for that online application.

If your application is withdrawn or denied, your payment will be refunded to you.


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