Electroluminescent Shirt
Apparel: Electroluminescent Shirt

Supplier: Custom Light Up Caps (asi/47894)

Product Description: T-shirt has a logo that is made to customer’s size and design request. The light-up pattern for the logo design is individually created, and options include sound activation or standard on/off switch. Great item for music concerts and outdoor festivals.

1. Columbia Heatstream Softshell from River’s End Trading (asi/82588)
2. HoodieBuddie from Sunscope (asi/90075)
Awards & Recognition: Infusion Award

Supplier: Pacesetter Awards (asi/75640)

Product Description: This award can be produced in any shape. It’s made from layers of Lucite that can be imprinted on front and back, as well as the middle (infusion). This layered process creates a vivid 3-D presentation. Great for incentive programs.

1. Share The World Award from Stoneycreek Marble Products (asi/89860)
2. Custom Labeled Wine from (asi/67804)
Infusion Award
Billboard Fashion Tote
Bags: Billboard Fashion Tote

Supplier: Landes Inc. (asi/66230)

Product Description: This bag uses the vinyl window dressing from Victoria’s Secret stores to create premium gift bags, attractively re-using the displays rather than sending the vinyl to a landfill. Think of eco-friendly campaigns and women-focused promotions.

1. Oakley Kitchen Sink from Sweda Co. LLC (asi/90305)
2. elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Backpack from Leed’s (asi/66887)
Calendars: New Wave Calendar

Supplier: Warwick Publishing Co. (asi/95280)

Product Description: Clever item displays six months on each side in an eye-catching upright style. Five stock designs are offered as well as custom options. It folds flat and comes with a mailing envelope. Target local restaurants and small businesses with this calendar.

1. MousePaper Calendar Note Paper Mousepad from Digispec (asi/49716)
2. Message Center from Norwood (asi/74400)
New Wave Calendar
Flexible Waterproof Keyboard
Computer Accessories: Flexible Waterproof Keyboard

Supplier: All-In-One (asi/34256)

Product Description: This unique computer accessory rolls up for easy storage but is a functional, full-size keyboard. It’s waterproof, can be rinsed and it’s ultra-hygienic, so it’s ideal for medical facilities, restaurants and more.

1. EZ Mouse from Sourcery Solutions LLC (asi/88252)
2. Travel Table from DEVO Products Inc. (asi/49484)
Desk Accessories: Fish Hotel

Supplier: International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)

Product Description: Fish Hotel is a stackable fishbowl with a glass inner bowl that is removable for cleaning. It won the Umbra 2009 Canadian Student Design Competition. Would be great as a gift-with-purchase item at pet stores.

1. Belly Wobbler Stress Reliever from Prime Line (asi/79530)
2. Folding Cell Phone Holder with Frame from Logomark Inc. (asi/67866)
Fish Hotel
Drinkware: Groove

Supplier: The Allen Co. (asi/34330)

Product Description: This bottle has a filter built right into the straw. It’s also reusable, BPA-free and spill-proof thanks to its patented CamelBak Big Bite Valve. Perfect for fitness campaigns and charity walks.

1. European Pilsner Glass with Chalkboard Imprint from World Wide Lines (asi/98290)
2. Stacked from International Merchandise Concepts (asi/62820)
Electronics: Google Android Touch Screen ePad Tablet PC

Supplier: Pingline (asi/78137)

Product Description: Trendy item uses the Google Android operating system to deliver easy computer access with great portability. Taps into the latest electronic craze, and would be perfect as a high-end reward within incentive programs.

1. Audio Star from All-In-One (asi/34256)
2. Wired E-Padfolio from Gemline (asi/56070)
Google Android Touch Screen ePad Tablet PC
Cool Bar
Housewares: Cool Bar

Supplier: AAA Umbrella Co. (asi/30023)

Product Description: Clever product is a double-wall cooler that acts as a side table, but also has a hidden telescoping arm that raises and locks the tabletop. The cooler is condensation-free and holds up to 40 12-oz. cans and 30 lbs. of ice. Perfect for outdoor events and tailgating promotions.

1. Cook-Safe Cutting Board Set from Leed’s (asi/66887)
2. Grand Piano-Shape Cheeseboard from Picnic Time Inc. (asi/78065)
Meeting Products: Pig Popper

Supplier: Hog Wild LLC (asi/61228)

Product Description: This highly unique product is a fun way to get attention at any meeting or event. Just squeeze the belly to launch the soft foam balls. It comes with six foam balls and a carry net. Great for sales meetings and corporate brainstorming sessions.

1. Multimedia Wireless Presenter from KTI Networks Inc. (asi/63776)
2. Collector Tag from Towel Specialties (asi/91605)
Pig Popper
Data Tracker USB Pedometer
Sporting Goods: Data Tracker USB Pedometer

Supplier: Ariel Premium Supply Inc. (asi/36730)

Product Description: This fitness product lets you track your distance walked and calories burned. Users can then easily download the data onto their PC via a USB plug and website access. Perfect for corporate wellness programs.

1. Ultraviolet Meter Watch from Aakron Rule Corp. (asi/30270)
2. Fiberglass Golf Umbrella from Haas-Jordan by Westcott (asi/58860)

Watches & Jewelry: Eco Glass Bracelet

Supplier: Diane Katzman Design (asi/63988)

Product Description: This attractive item is one piece from a set of jewelry designed for John Deere by artist Diane Katzman. A necklace and earrings made with eco glass are also included in the set.

1. Fashion Forward Snap-On Watch from Sweda Co. LLC (asi/90305)
2. Jewelry USB from Twintech Industry Inc. (asi/92357)

Eco Glass Bracelet
Original Bend-A-Pen
Writing Instruments: Original Bend-A-Pen

Supplier: Aakron Rule Corp. (asi/30270)

Product Description: This fun item has a goofy head on a bendable body. Its feet act as a stand and as a cap. Five colors are available. Great for the education market and kids’ doctors’ offices.

1. Racer Pen from Dard Products Inc. (asi/48500)
2. Magnetic Pen Clip from Magna-Tel Inc. (asi/68480)

Packaging: Double Door Post Card Box

Supplier: The Bentcil Co. (asi/39850)

Product Description: This packaging item lets you choose a product to insert into the high-gloss sleeve with a double-door opening. It’s digitally printed on the entire sleeve and the package is then shrink-wrapped. Clever way to present a direct mail piece.

1. Tabelope from Thanks A Dozen (asi/63625)
2. Custom Packaging from Beyond Mfg. International (asi/37783)

Double Door Post Card Box
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