• Have Apparel Sizes Changed? - As if it weren’t difficult enough to outfit an audience in clothing, you must contend with inconsistent apparel sizing. From Wearables magazine. January, 2011.

  • Tailoring Talk: 10 Terms To Know - Ten terms you should know in the industry. From Wearables magazine. January, 2011.

  • Tropical Hues for Hot Looks - Whether you’re outfitting a program of resort wear during the chilly winter months or planning ahead for summer promotions, the hot colors of the tropics is the way to go. From Wearables magazine. January, 2011.

  • Innovative Fabrics for 2011 - With the New Year comes new garments, which oftentimes include exciting new fabrications. From Wearables magazine. January, 2011.

  • Find the Right Fit - If it doesn’t fit, they won’t wear it – that’s the bottom line. From Advantages magazine. December, 2010.

  • Wearables Workshop - Advantages asked distributors to name their biggest, burning questions about selling wearables. Then we got the answers from the experts. Here’s how they weighed in on your top 10 dilemmas. From Advantages magazine. December, 2010.

  • 7 Hot Trends for 2011 - For the top looks in apparel, think purple, performance fabrics and clean styles. Read on to learn what’s up in the world of wearables. From Advantages magazine. December 2010.

  • They’ve Got You Covered - With global branding on its mind, Stormtech seeks to raise the standard in performance. From Wearables magazine. January, 2011.

  • The American Dream - With inventory troubles and more overseas, U.S. manufacturers continue to find success at home. From Wearables magazine. Nov-Dec, 2010.

  • License To Play - A top end-user market (education) plus the number-one product category (yes, apparel) can equal big opportunities for distributors. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Taking Over The World One T-Shirt At A Time - Eric Hamlin sells $2 million in apparel – mostly T-shirts – every year. Here are the secrets behind his success. From Counselor magazine. January, 2010.

  • Find Your Decoration Destiny - Is apparel decorating a good idea for your business? Here’s a primer on five popular forms of apparel decoration, with expert advice on what makes it worthwhile and how to get started. From Wearables magazine. October, 2010.

  • The Price of Safety - Product-safety legislation has ushered in confusion and difficulties for businesses across the country. Apparel too is feeling the impact. From Wearables magazine. October, 2010.

  • Polos: Back on the Horse - Classic and enduring, polos are suitable in just about all settings. Here are eight tips to revitalize your sales of this wearables staple. From Wearables magazine. October, 2010.

  • Just Add Water - Looking for a great way to dive into swimwear promotions? Check out these case studies for proven tips on promotional beachwear and swimwear. From Wearables magazine. April-May, 2010.

  • Staking A Claim - Apparel suppliers today cite advanced eco-friendly and performance properties in their clothing and in their marketing. But can these claims be verified? Here’s what distributors need to know. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Wearables Boot Camp - When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A confident wearables salesperson – or a fashion neophyte begging for guidance? For one distributor, the transformation began when he enlisted in our comprehensive educational program. From Wearables magazine. March, 2010.

  • Get Blinged Out - All you need to know about decorating garments with crystals. From Wearables magazine. June, 2010.

  • Big-Screen Effects - Don’t believe that there’s nothing new in the world of screen printing. From Wearables magazine. July, 2010.

  • From Seed to Shirt - Beginning in the cotton fields of Texas and concluding in the sewing facilities of Honduras, creating apparel is an epic journey. Come along as we take the tour. From Wearables magazine. August, 2010.

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