• Social Media Boosts Branding Efforts - Marketers are turning to social media to strengthen customer loyalty and brand awareness, but not so much to boost customer acquisition, a new report finds. From Counselor magazine. November, 2010.

  • Online Marketing Leads To Biz Success - Small-business owners who embrace online advertising are having more success in their marketing efforts, according to the latest Network Solutions Small Business Index. From Counselor magazine. November, 2010.

  • Create a Killer Press Center - Here are nine ways to get the media to notice your decorating business in cyberspace. From Stitches magazine. March-April, 2010.

  • Woo Your Clients - Here are five savvy ways to make your business – and approach to sales – really stand out in the crowd. From Stitches magazine. July, 2010.

  • Test Your Creative Power - Think you’re creative? Looking to be more creative? Take our quiz to measure your talents and get some new ideas on how to stimulate your business imagination. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • Big Idea - Become A Marketing Agency - Here are five distributors that don’t just talk about being creative and providing ideas and services to clients, they actually do it. Here’s how. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • Follow The Brand Leader - Creative promotions are consistently run by some of the most well-known brands. Here, we look at six client promotions that used ad specialties in creative ways. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • Online Marketing Spending Accelerates - According to projections from the online marketing research firm eMarketer, distributors would be remiss not to get more involved in social media and other online tools. From Counselor magazine. February, 2010.

  • The Power of Persistence - If you want your campaign to get noticed by clients and employees, you’ll need to deliver your message over and over (and over) again. Here’s how to get started on a successful continuity program. From Successful Promotions magazine. March-April, 2010.

  • Direct Mail That Delivers - Direct mail has been the go-to marketing solution for many businesses for decades, but it has had more than its share of challenges in recent years. From Successful Promotions magazine. July-August, 2010.

  • How To Effectively Use Facebook - Have a Facebook page? Yep, you probably do if you’re like most businesspeople these days. The problem is that those same “most people” often don’t know how to make the most of the social media medium. From Counselor magazine. March, 2010.

  • Be a Website Design Convert - To build a website that really sings your company’s praises, avoid the seven deadly site design sins. From Stitches magazine. August, 2010.

  • A Call for Creativity - Technology helps distributors sharpen their marketing efforts, but it can’t bring sales success all by itself. Here’s how creative marketing strategies have boosted business for some firms. From Wearables magazine. January, 2010.

  • Millennial Marketing - Take It To The Next Level - It’s not business as usual. Young adults are a vast market with plenty of potential, as long as you keep it fresh. From Advantages magazine. October, 2009.

  • 7 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd - A strong brand identity elicits trust from your clients, and trust from your clients begets more business. Here’s how to market yourself as a pro. From Advantages magazine. July, 2010.

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