• Ace the Awards Market With These Tips - Here’s a quick course on what types of awards exist, creative trophy solutions and reasons that special recognition may be in order. From Advantages magazine. December, 2010.

  • 7 Hot Trends for 2011 - For the top looks in apparel, think purple, performance fabrics and clean styles. Read on to learn what’s up in the world of wearables. From Advantages magazine. December 2010.

  • Trend Spy - Here are five business and industry trends that distributors should keep their eyes on as they plan for 2011. From Counselor magazine. December, 2010.

  • Follow The Money - Want to sell more to banks and other financial institutions? Here are strategies for targeting the second-largest market for ad specialty sales. From Counselor magazine. November, 2010.

  • Staking A Claim - Apparel suppliers today cite advanced eco-friendly and performance properties in their clothing and in their marketing. But can these claims be verified? Here’s what distributors need to know. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Eco Expansion - An exclusive Counselor online education session shows distributors how they can profit from selling eco-friendly items. Here’s an excerpt from the webinar. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Taking Over The World One T-Shirt At A Time - Eric Hamlin sells $2 million in apparel – mostly T-shirts – every year. Here are the secrets behind his success. (Hint: The education market is highly involved.) From Counselor magazine. January, 2010.

  • Rx For Lost Pharma Client - In the second installment of a feature series, we give advice to one distributor who lost a big client after management shifts and a corporate merger. Here, our expert panel provides steps for how she can win this client back. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Scrubbing In - What’s the best way to put the industry’s top scrubs to the test? Outfit the very nurses and medical professionals who wear them every day. From Wearables magazine. June, 2010.

  • Take a Trip to Souvenir Sales - If you don’t have at least one T-shirt from a favorite destination, a shot glass from your 10th anniversary trip to the Bahamas, a stuffed version of a favorite animal from the zoo, or some other memento of a good time, you’re an anomaly. Here’s how to break into the lucrative souvenir market. From Advantages magazine. August, 2010.

  • Cracking the Financial Code - The financial sector has changed significantly in the past two years, but one thing remains the same: Distributors are making some serious bank with this market. From Advantages magazine. May, 2010.

  • Get Smart - School is back in session, so we’re bringing you some tips and trends on what’s hot in the education market. Take notes. From Advantages magazine. October, 2010.

  • License To Play - A top end-user market (education) plus the number-one product category (yes, apparel) can equal big opportunities for distributors. But to tap into the college apparel market, distributors need to know how to navigate the licensing process. Here’s a primer. From Counselor magazine. July, 2010.

  • Unearthing the facts - What’s helpful and what’s harmful when it comes to eco-friendly apparel? We present 21 little-known facts to clear the air. From Wearables magazine. July, 2010.

  • Fabulous Fundraisers - Who doesn’t need more funds these days? With 1.4 million charities in the U.S., there are plenty of fundraising events to be held. Here are four case studies of how distributors helped nonprofits get their message out as loudly and effectively as possible. From Advantages magazine. June, 2010.

  • The Meet Market - The market for meetings and events is heating up, and your creativity and legwork can bring event planners back to the table. From Advantages magazine. September, 2010.

  • Learning To Grow - Education is a lucrative market for distributors – one of the few that has shined over the past couple of years. But price concerns and changing school marketing strategies will only benefit those who stick with the lesson plan. Here, we offer a guide for how to penetrate the education market. From Counselor magazine. February, 2010.

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