Speakers Bureau

We have assembled a symposium of industry experts to present e-business ideas to help you successfully maximize your bottom line.

Tim Andrews

Timothy M. Andrews is president and chief executive officer of the Advertising Specialty Institute, president of The ASI Show, and vice chairman of ASI Computer Systems, Inc.

Rich Fairfield

 Richard Fairfield, Publisher and Senior Vice President, joined the Advertising Specialty Institute in 2004. Fairfield is responsible for all of ASI's editorial and advertising properties.

Dan O’Halloran

Dan O’Halloran, CAS, is Vice-President, Distributor Research and Internet Sales. He has been with ASI for 19 years and is responsible for training ASI distributor sales and service staff.

Christine Lovell

Christine Lovell, MAS, is Senior Vice President of Sales at the Advertising Specialty Institute.

Larry Basinait

Larry Basinait is ASI's Director, Marketing Research. He has been analyzing and researching markets for over a decade …

Stan Fellerman

Stan Fellerman is Executive Director, Distributor Services. Stan began his career in New York City as a commercial photographer …

Melinda Ligos

Melinda Ligos is editor-in-chief of ASI Magazines and VP of Professional Development. Before joining ASI, she spent more than 13 years at Nielsen Media in New York …

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is editor of Counselor Magazine. He previously was editor of Incentive & Potentials magazines at The Nielsen Company in New York.

Did You Know?

ASI is the largest marketing and media organization serving the advertising specialty industry.

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