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The LogoMall Network has a staff of more than 60 highly-trained professionals. From production coordinators to trainers to designers and programmers, each member is dedicated to making your web presence a success.

Technical Support and Training

The great thing about technical support and training is that it all takes place in real time using a “virtual” classroom – that means you get many of the same benefits as one-on-one instruction, without having to travel. You will need a reservation so that we can group you with others of similar experience, with similar internet connectivity so that everyone gets the maximum benefit from the class. The classes are free, and you can take them as many times as you wish.

LogoMall Network

Discover how your products are displayed on Logomall, Promomart, Successful Promotions and in participating distributor web sites. Receive tips on how to increase your exposure through the product search. We will visit and learn how to read monthly hit reports, and access requests and orders. Register Now...

Supplier Websites

Learn all you need to know about customizing your website including adding specials, uploading PDF files, and changing copy.  You will also learn how both distributors and end buyers can use your website to find products they are looking for most. Register Now...

Changes to Your Site or Products

If you need to make changes to your website or if you have questions about how your products appear in the ASInternet search, please call 1-800-546-1350 and ask for your ASInternet Coordinator.
Questions and Support
Please contact us at 1-800-546-1350 or email us at
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