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The Chest Acquires WoodCo
Vol. 879z 
December 27, 2011

Supplier firm The Chest (asi/44830) announced last week that it has acquired the WoodCo (asi/98138) product line. As part of the deal, WoodCo will keep its brand name within The Chest as an additional product line. Along with representing and selling the product line, The Chest will also retain WoodCo's Darryl Haddox as national sales manager of the company and to help ensure a smooth transition into selling the WoodCo line.

Mary Dobsch, president of The Chest, pointed to WoodCo's magnetic and laminated products as being a good complement to The Chest's line of packaging products. "WoodCo offers a variety of magnetic products as well as laminated paper products," Dobsch said. "The WoodCo line was designed to sell marketing solutions, not just promotional products, so we are thrilled to represent a product line that fits so well into our company's standards of products and will help us better fulfill all of our customers' needs."

Dobsch said that The Chest has had a good year in 2011 and is looking to capitalize on further opportunities by finalizing this deal before the end of the year. "After this year resulted in over a 12% sales increase from 2010, the timing is ideal to acquire a product line that will round out our already diverse product offering, giving us a presence in the magnetic and laminated paper product field," Dobsch said.

The WoodCo Line can now be found through The Chest's website at

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