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The D. Group Acquires Trevelyan Leather
Vol. 869 
November 17, 2011

In a deal struck between two Ontario-based suppliers, The D. Group (asi/47977) has acquired Trevelyan Leather (asi/92035). Financial terms of the agreement, which was finalized last week after two months of negotiations, were not disclosed. The integrated company – now known as DgroupTrevelyan – will manufacture items out of a new facility in Toronto. "We’ll be able to offer distributors a wide variety of materials at good price points," said Niv Ben-Haim, managing partner at DgroupTrevelyan, in an interview yesterday with Counselor. "That will be a great benefit to our customers and allow them to close more deals."

A combined 2012 catalog, featuring products from The D. Group and Trevelyan Leather, will be available in late December. According to Ben-Haim, Trevelyan’s entire staff of 45 people has been retained in the acquisition. Lake Trevelyan, president of Trevelyan Leather, has been named vice president of sales at DgroupTrevelyan. "With the ever-increasing direction towards value-added creativity and domestic manufacturing, it is very exciting that Trevelyan can add its 88 years of experience to a young and vibrant creative manufacturing concern," said Trevelyan. "We can collectively now offer a combined range of exciting, innovative, quality products and our full custom capabilities to the promotional marketplace."

Attributing gains to more aggressive marketing in the U.S., Ben-Haim says sales at The D. Group have increased 7% in 2011. He expects his company’s revenues to grow about 12% through the acquisition and subsequent improvements. "Clients that have worked with Trevelyan will now be exposed to more products and vice versa," Ben-Haim said. "We’ll be manufacturing everything made-to-order. I think 2012 will be even more promising than 2011, with more business for us."

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