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Mackay Acquires Full Ownership Of SnugZ/USA
Vol. 844 
August 23, 2011

Utah-based supplier SnugZ/USA (asi/88060) has announced that Brandon Mackay, the firm's president and CEO, has acquired 100% of the company. The deal formalizes the departure of Charley Johnson from the industry, who left SnugZ earlier this year to pursue his interest in nonprofit ventures. Johnson and Mackay had been principal owners of the supplier since December of 2008. "I'm extremely grateful and look forward to the next chapter of the SnugZ/USA story," says Mackay, who has worked at the company since he was 16 years old. "Our model and culture is priceless, and our team is the best in the industry."

According to a spokesperson for SnugZ, the ownership transition was finalized during the first week in August. However, Johnson has not been involved in operations at SnugZ for some time. In fact, in April, Mackay confirmed to Counselor that Johnson was no longer actively serving in his day-to-day role at the company. Johnson is currently the president-elect of the Pay It Forward Foundation, according to the national nonprofit's website.

Founded in 1989 with six employees, SnugZ now has a staff of 250 people. Its 2011 sales are up approximately 18%, which rivals the company's 2008 growth pace.

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