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Corporate Incentives And Brady Hull Announce Merger
Vol. 821 
June 2, 2011

Forming one of the largest distributors in the Houston area, Corporate Incentives, Inc. (asi/168984) and Brady Hull & Associates (asi/229164) have merged, the companies have announced. Financial terms of the deal, which was finalized yesterday, were not disclosed. "Brady and I have known each other for years and we have very similar business philosophies," says Bev Earl, president of Corporative Incentives. "We started talking more seriously about a deal over the last 12-18 months."

Per the agreement, the staff of Brady Hull & Associates has moved into an expanded two-story facility at Corporate Incentives’ offices in The Woodlands, TX. The deal is part of an industry exit strategy for Brady Hull, who plans to remain at the merged company for the next four years. "I will continue to sell," says Hull, president of Brady Hull & Associates. "These are two really successful companies merging. I think we’ll have more clout with suppliers. Stronger is better."

Combined, the two companies will now have a total of four salespeople, coupled with graphic design and online support. "I think we can become even more customer service focused," says Earl. "The staffs have already melded together beautifully." While declining to provide annual revenues for the two firms, Earl says the deal "has doubled the size of our company." She is hopeful the merged companies can increase annual sales by 20%.

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