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How We Did It

The Best Places to Work program involved an in-depth survey process developed by Counselor’s research partner for this project, Quantum Workplace. The process began in March with a nomination period that involved industry firms initially nominating themselves for the contest. More than 250 companies completed the initial nomination process.

Then, each company asked all of their employees to complete a 37-question survey about their experience working at that organization. The survey measured 10 different areas: team effectiveness, retention risk (employee loyalty), alignment with goals (does employee understand goals of company?), trust with coworkers, individual contribution (does the company adequately recognize employees?), manager effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued (does the company invest in employee success?), satisfaction with current role, and people practices (satisfaction with company benefits).

Ultimately, 150 industry companies began the survey process with their employees. Surveys were administered between May 1 and June 22 through a secure, online site created by Quantum. In instances where certain employees couldn’t get to a computer, paper surveys were conducted through the mail. Also, the survey was translated into Spanish for non-English-speaking workers.

After the surveys were completed, Quantum scored all of the responses and all questions on the survey were weighted evenly. Quantum then presented Counselor a ranking of all the companies that qualified for inclusion in the program. To qualify, each company had to meet a certain benchmark percentage of the amount of employees who responded to the survey (this was based on a sliding scale depending on how many people a company employs).

Counselor then took the top 75 companies from Quantum’s scored rankings and is honoring those organizations as this year’s Best Places to Work in the ad specialty industry.

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