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2010 Woman of Distinction: Teresa Moisant, Moisant Promotional Products
By Betsy Cummings
May 2010

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Somewhere around her fourth job working for a major corporation, Teresa Moisant realized something: "I always got bored around the third year."
The owner of Moisant Promotional Products (asi/275276), would stick around just long enough to get vested and leave. "I was out of there in the fifth year,"  she says.

Tired of fighting that weariness, Moisant eventually started to look for a line of work that would constantly present new challenges and keep her attention. Enter promotional products.

In 1990, when Moisant started the company, she continued to work her corporate job while selling ad specialties on the side. "I don’t think we really knew then what kind of dollars we wanted," Moisant says. "But we wanted to grow it and grow it."

Her current staff of eight, including three salespeople, has helped the company become recognized as one of the fastest-growing businesses by the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce three times, with annual sales of $2.5 million.

Moisant, the middle child in a family of seven, has become an inspiration to other women, minorities and distributors along the way – almost by accident. Early in her ad specialty career, she remembers eating lunch with Conoco executives when she mentioned she was unenthused about eating at a Mexican restaurant because, being Hispanic, she eats that cuisine frequently.

They asked, "You’re Mexican?" Moisant recalls. "I never knew about those classifications," or the fact that they can be leveraged as a minority-owned business to gain more client relationships.

That moment opened her eyes not just to opportunities for women and minorities, but for what kind of example she could set for others coming up through the industry.

As well prepared as Moisant was coming from jobs in that arena, she says being mentored was her biggest boost in any company. To that end she encourages other people in the advertising specialty industry, particularly women, to "become more mentorable," so that they can learn as much as possible.

How? Always show appreciation for those who have helped you along the way, she says. "There are people who suck information from you and just move on," Moisant says. "You think I’m going to give that person more information? You have to be genuine." – BC

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