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Green Item Promotes Eco-Friendly Vodka - from "Follow The Brand Leader"
By Kenneth Hein
March, 2010

When you have a name like the Earth Friendly Distilling Company (EFDC), you’d better back it up. To promote its 360 Vodka, the distiller believes it has done just that. Not only does EFDC donate $1 to environmental charities when a 360 Vodka swing-top closure is returned for recycling, but each of its 1.75 liter bottles comes with a reusable metal handle.

The handle helps create a steady pour that reduces spillage and breakage. What’s more, the vodka is produced using machines that run on biodiesel fuel, and recycled materials are used for its glass bottle and paper label.

To hammer its sustainability message home, EFDC shipped 10,000 cases of 360 Vodka with logoed, reusable recycling bins sized to hold 12 bottles each. The company hopes that the blue bins will be used again and again for recycling efforts. It views them as a superior alternative to the boxes that wholesalers often provide to their customers for carrying home their bottles.

"As the world’s only eco-friendly, luxury vodka, it’s essential that our marketing efforts promote sustainability and, whenever possible, give consumers reusable and recyclable solutions that encourage positive environmental changes, such as our recycling bin shipping containers," says Vic Morrison, vice president at McCormick Distilling, parent company of EFDC. "We are also proud that 360 Vodka listens to the feedback of our mixologists, consumers and accounts, and provides them with eco-friendly solutions such as the reusable bottle handle."

Earth Friendly believes it has not only lived up to its name, but it has also set a higher standard for sustainability in the spirits industry.

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