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Green Lifestyle In Action, from "Cheat Sheet"
By Shane Dale
October, 2009

Jason Neve, creative director for Boardroom Eco-Apparel (asi/40705) in Vancouver, British Columbia, received a pleasant surprise when he recently attended a local minor league baseball game.

BC Hydro, the local power company, had previously ordered 225 green polos from Boardroom, including three-button shirts for the men and five-button shirts for the ladies. "The polo has this accent in the second color. It has this little white hint of fabric, and their logo is on the polo in white," Neve says. "It matches their booth and everything they hand out."

As it turned out, BC Hydro is also a contributing sponsor for the baseball team that Neve went to see that evening, and the company had several representatives who were passing out promotional items and promoting smart, responsible energy usage to fans at the stadium’s entrance. "They had this booth set up and some exercise bikes where you can sit and generate electricity," Neve says.

Best of all, every BC Hydro employee at the booth was wearing Boardroom’s polos. Neve says BC Hydro loved the shirts because they were an icebreaker in getting people to discuss energy conservation. "It’s a real talking point for people who come up to the booth," he says.

Neve says there are about 60 BC Hydro employees who attend trade shows and other public functions to promote a green lifestyle, so he suspects that the 225-shirt order was made to provide each employee with two or more shirts so they wouldn’t have to worry about washing one shirt every day while on the road.
Neve says it was a treat to see his shirts being put to use by his clients. "I usually don’t see the apparel after it leaves the factory," he says. "In this case, I really saw it in action from all the different angles."

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