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Social Network Closeup: YouTube - from "Social Networks: The New Reality"
By C.J. Mittica
October, 2009


How Best To Use It: YouTube

Number Of Users: 120 million U.S. Internet users a month

What It Is: The world’s leading portal of online video, which allows users to upload and view pretty much anything, is now the fourth most-visited site on the Internet.

How Best To Use It:
1. Show your company. Online video is a great way to provide a peek into your company dynamics or connect directly to audiences. "YouTube is used to show off our culture. We also use it to let viewers see that we are thought leaders via our educational videos, for example," says BrandFuel (asi/145025) President Danny Rosin.
2. It’s not an advertisement. Michael Miller, author of YouTube for Business, says online videos have to be one of three things: entertaining, informative or educational. "But in the course of that, you can push your brand," he says. "It could be as simple as standing in front of a backdrop with your company’s name on it."
3. Don’t spend a lot of money. Online videos are supposed to have a do-it-yourself aspect to it. Even the cheapest videos can go viral.
4. Actually, you can spend a little and have fun. A video from Rightsleeve (asi/308922) called "Trunkslammers," which cost only $3,000 to produce, playfully tweaks stereotypes of distributor salespeople – and casts Rightsleeve in a more creative light. "We really wanted to work at being able to create a significant brand identity for us," says President Mark Graham.

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