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Social Network Closeup: Facebook - from "Social Networks: The New Reality"
By C.J. Mittica
October, 2009


How Best To Use It: Facebook

Number Of Users: Over 150 million

What It Is: The number one social media network in the world, Facebook lets users create profiles, post status updates and pictures, connect with friends, send messages – and a lot more.

How Best To Use It:
1. Avoid the spam. Think of your Facebook network like an e-mail or newsletter list. But don’t use it to bombard your friends with pricing specials and sales pitches. "There just seems to be a high level of spam. There’s just a lot of turnoffs in Facebook," says Jason Alba, creator of the DVD "LinkedIn for Job Seekers."
2. Get to know your prospects. All the personal information people put on their profiles offers you an insight into their lives. "Facebook can give you a snapshot into a prospect, and you can look at their profile," says Eric Marasco, owner of Proforma Distinctive Marketing (asi/300094). "And something that might take 16 cups of coffee and numerous lunches to get to know about them, you can get to know in two minutes."
3. Getting by casually. Many people view LinkedIn and Facebook as the professional and personal sides of social networking – which means you can do things slightly more casually on Facebook and get away with it.
4. People buy from their friends. "I get most of my value from Facebook on my individual profile, because that’s where I have the most number of friends," says Rightsleeve (asi/308922) President Mark Graham. People will buy from people they know and like, and Facebook (as well as Twitter) is a powerful way to achieve that. "Even though I have a personal network on Facebook, these people can and will buy from me at some point," says Bobby Lehew of Robyn Promotions (asi/309656).


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