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Lightbulb Mailer Sheds Light on Green Marketing - From "Success Stories"
By Jen Zorger
July 2009

'Tis better to light a single compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) than to curse your electric bill. And sending out 1,000 CFLs to prospects has even more impact, as shown by ecopromos, a Promo Shop (asi/300446) company, when they sent out the bulbs – which use only a third the energy of incandescent bulbs – before Earth Day this year.

Why send CFLs instead of a product that could be directly imprinted? "We’re not only trying to educate our clients and employees how to use eco-friendly promotional products," says Kris Robinson, co-founder of ecopromos, "but also how to do things in their everyday lives to become more green."

He and his sales team communicated that message on a plantable seed card from Okina/Symphony Seed Papers (asi/74930) that mailed with the CFL in a 100% post-consumer recycled box from The Chest (asi/44830). "While replacing one lightbulb in your house may not seem significant," the card reads, "it is symbolic of the fact that you are part of our extended community, and it represents a global opportunity to reduce our impact on the natural environment."

The mailer went to Fortune 500 companies and organizations with an expressed interest in the environment. The back of the seed card also included a call-to-action that offered recipients who contacted ecopromos by April 28th a free gift: a book on being greener.

"Just to give you an idea, we did 1,000 mailers, and 328 gifts were given out," Robinson says. "So that’s a 32.8% response, which was pretty big."

He estimates the promotion brought in $125,000 worth of Earth Day business, and he sees that as only the start. "Once you follow up, then the message starts embedding in their minds," he adds.

Biz Tip: Follow up to get the most from a mailing

Once you've sent out your message in a mailer - whether it's about green marketing or another niche or service you specialize in - reinforce it by following up in these ways:

  • Send a bounce-back card offering a gift for those who respond
  • E-mail recipients with related case histories or specials
  • Send another mailer that continues the theme of the first


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