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Stitches State of the Industry 2009 
May 2009
Research by Larry Basinait, ASI 

This step-by-step guide gives you key strategies to keep your business profitable

Anyone looking for some bright spots in the economy might find them in the world of apparel decorating: Decorators seem to be a generally optimistic group, as more than half rated the economy at the end of 2008 as "fair" – amazingly, 32% rated it as being smack in the middle of "fair" and "robust." That’s not to say, though, that decorators aren’t struggling to retain key staff, drum up new business, compete against overseas vendors and purchase new equipment.

That’s why this is a great time for us to publish the first-ever Stitches State of the Industry report: Earlier this year we completed an exhaustive survey of Stitches readers
(embroiderers, decorators and digitizers) about their businesses and the industry in 2008. In this issue, we’ve compiled that data and developed smart strategies for you to keep your business competitive.

You’ll learn how to keep your decorated apparel sales up when buyers stop buying – and we’ve got the lowdown on recession-proof markets. Curious about how you can become a Web 2.0 marketer with no money down? We’ve got the answers. Are you worried about how to compete against other local decorators? Don’t fret – we’ve got some ideas to keep you head and shoulders above the competition. Want to make sure your best clients don’t defect because of price? Learn what you can do to make yourself irreplaceable to your top customers.

Read on to learn how successful decorators are keeping their businesses in the black this year. We’re confident that you can rock the second half of 2009 – it’ll just take a smart plan, some creativity and a whole lot of optimism. – Nicole Rollender

Research by Larry Basinait, ASI

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