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Supplier Of Recalled Toy Bears Responds
Volume 594
March 24, 2009


Counselor has learned that Canada-based T.G. Industries (asi/90476) imported and supplied the 827,000 recalled toy bears used in a State Farm Insurance promotion. In an interview this week with Counselor, a spokesperson for T.G. Industries said the recall was "an unfortunate, isolated case" and apologized for any hazard the bears posed. "We are very sorry and we have tried our best to rectify the issue," says Taban Eshghi, account director. "We have always worked to go above and beyond with our safety standards. The recalled bears were from years ago."

Even before the recall, T.G. Industries stopped providing toy bears with plastic eyes, opting instead to have eyes sewn into the material. Between September of 2005 and March of 2007, the recalled stuffed animals, named Good Neigh Bears, were handed out in the U.S. and Canada. State Farm often gave the bears to charities and to children who were victims of natural disasters. Recently, a Texas child swallowed a plastic eye that had fallen off one of the bears, prompting the recall. The child was not seriously hurt.

"We have strict testing for our products," says Eshghi. "For example, we had removed all the lead from our items long before the new government rules. We have done what has been needed and we have never had any other products recalled before."

Eshghi says her company plans to continue importing products manufactured by Jinhu Golden Sun Enterprise Company Limited, which produced the toy bears in China. In addition, a State Farm spokesman has said the company will use T.G. Industries for future orders. The recalled bears are 11-18 inches tall and wear a white and red shirt bearing a State Farm logo. State Farm has asked consumers to discard the bears or return them to a company agent.

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