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"I have been in the promotional products industry for over 30 years. In my opinion, ASI is the most professional organization in the industry. Throughout my career, I have never seen a more well-run trade show than the ASI Show! ASI is a very well organized company and thanks to them, I am making more money now than ever before-even with the slow economy."

Bill Freid, President
Sales Motivators, asi/317155

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USA Distributor Member Application:

Please complete the entire Application,
any unanswered questions will delay processing.
Please call 1-866-JoinASI with any questions.
Thank you.

1. Applicant Distributorship Information
*Applicant Company Name
*Street Address
  (Application cannot be processed without a street address)
*9-Digit ZIP Code
P.O. Box (if any)
9-Digit ZIP Code
*Business Telephone (
*Business E-Mail
Web Address
Fax Number (
May We Fax You? Yes
Fax Hours
2. Company Owners/Officers
  All owners/officers of the distributorship who have the authority to sign for any future changes in your ASI listing must be shown here. It is the responsibility of the principal owner/officer of the distributorship to notify ASI of any changes regarding owners and officers. Please list only Proprietor, Partner, Chairman, President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer or Stockholder. Show as many as are applicable.
Owner /Officer
1. *Name
  *Title E-Mail
  *Company Name of Last Prior Business or Employer
2.  Name
    Title E-Mail
   Company Name of Last Prior Business or Employer
3.   Name
   Title E-Mail
   Company Name of Last Prior Business or Employer
3. PRINCIPAL ASI CONTACT (From your Company)
*Name *Title E-Mail address

Please list additional individuals within your organization- other than owners /officers authorized to receive confidential information from ASI, and whom you will guarantee will maintain the confidentiality of that material.
 Name  Title E-Mail address
 Name  Title E-Mail address
4. Sales Volume
*Sales Volume of Advertising Specialty/Promotional Products for the Past 12 Months
(Please enter only numbers - no comma's, decimals etc.) $
*Total Sales Volume of the firm including the above figure
(Please enter only numbers - no comma's, decimals etc.) $
5. Sales Force
Number of SALESPEOPLE *Full-Time *Part-Time
Number of INDEPENDENT Contractors *Full-Time *Part-Time
Gender of Sales Force *% Male: *% Female:
8.  Business Hours
*Certain Days
 Time:  *From *To
9.  Month and Year Established
*Starting date of your business
*Is your business name registered?
Yes No
*Date and by whom?
Incorporation Date State
  If Incorporated, please indicate if the distributorship is listed on a recognized stock exchange, over the counter, or if the company is a closely held corporation:


Membership Information
  *Membership in a local, regional or national promotional products trade association?
Yes   No
  If yes, please give the name and address of the association.


Bank Reference
*Bank Name
*State Zip
*Telephone (
13. *Number of customer accounts your distributorship deals with in one year
14. Multiple branch locations? Please list branches here.
Street Address
Telephone (
Contact Name
Business E-Mail
15. Affiliated Businesses
  Note the name, city and state of the company(ies) with which the applicant distributorship or any owner/officer of the company is connected and the business relationship (i.e.: subsidiary, common ownership, etc.) between the two. Indicate if it is a subsidiary or branch of (or otherwise formally associated with) another company in the specialty advertising/promotional products or any other business.
Company Name
ASI Number
16. Company names of other businesses you operate
17. * What special services and/or facilities do you offer your clients?
(Select Top 5)
A. Art, design and layout
B. Copywriting for letters, brochures, etc.
C. Complete advertising agency services
D. Complete sales promotion agency services
E. Specialty and premium fulfillment services
F. Warehousing and drop shipping
G. Direct-mail list rental & maintenance
H. Printing
I. Gift Wrapping/Packaging
J. Local imprinting and/or personalizing
18. *Operations/Special Services – What Activities are an important part of your distributorship
(Select Top 5)
A. Distributor of Advertising Specialties
B. Distributor of Business Gifts
C. Distributor of Calendars
D. Distributor of Premiums
E. Exporter
F. Manufacturer's Representative
G. Distributor's Agent
H. Imprinter
I. Importer
J. Assembler
K. Manufacturer
L. Retailer of Gifts
M. Retailer of Stationary
N. Wholesaler of Stationery
O. Wholesaler of General Merchandise
P. Printer
Q. Advertising Agency
R. Point of Purchase
S. Specialty Supplier
T. Incentives or Travel Agency
U. Fund-Raising
V. Distributor of Trophies/Awards
W. Distributor of Business Forms
X. Web Site/Internet
19. *Accounts/Primary Customers– What types of accounts does your distributorship primarily sell to?
(Select Top 5)
A. Agriculture & Farming
B. Clubs, Associations, Civic Groups
C. Financial (Banks, S&L, Credit Unions)
D. Government Agencies
E. Schools, Colleges, Universities
F. Insurance Companies/Agencies
G. Utilities
H. Industrial Products
I. Clothing, Appliances, Soft Goods
J. Food, Tobacco, Sundries
K. Chemical & Pharmaceutical
L. Political Parties/Candidates
M. Retail (Stores, Shopping Centers)
N. Professional Office (Doctors, Lawyers)
O. Marketing Services (Ad Agencies)
P. Service Businesses (Real Estate, Personnel)
Q. Transportation (Airlines, Freight Companies)
R. Wholesalers
S. Construction
T. Health, Medical & Fitness Services
U. Recreation (Theaters, Bowling)
V. Automotive Dealers
W. Hospitality (Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants)
X. Computer Software Manufacturers/Developers
Y. Sports-related (Professional Teams)
20. *Product Lines - What are the main product lines that your distributorship sells?
(Select Top 5)
A. Auto Accessories
B. Awards & Trophies
C. Badges & Buttons
D. Calendars & Timepieces
E. Plastics (Non-vinyl)
F. Food/Edibles
G. Emblematic Jewelry
H. Industrial & Safety Items
I. Glass & Ceramic Products (Crystal)
J. Housewares & Home Products
K. Inflatables (Balloons, etc.)
L. Electronic Computer Products
M. Office & Desk Products
N. Paper Products (Diaries, Pocket Reminders)
O. Cards (Business, Greeting & Stationery)
P. Sport Accessories
Q. Toys & Stuffed Animals
R. Vinyls (Pocket, Desk, Home)
S. Wearables (Caps, Jackets, Shirts)
T. Writing Instruments
U. Keytags
V. Health, Safety & Environmental Products
W. Travel Products
X. Magnetic Products
Y. Cups & Mugs
Z. Decals, Transfers & Emblems
21. Company/Owner Characteristics
Is your company minority owned? Yes   No
Is your company owned by a Male   Female
Is your company a home-based business? Yes   No
Approximate year of birth of firm owner/president  
22. Company References
  PLEASE LIST FOUR (4) SPECIALTY ADVERTISING, GIFT INCENTIVE OR PREMIUM SUPPLIERS (other than those who may be affiliated with your distributorship) with whom you are presently doing the greatest amount of business. These references will be published to help suppliers process your orders more expediently.
1. * Company Name
  ASI Number City State
2. * Company Name
  ASI Number City State
3. * Company Name
  ASI Number City State
4. * Company Name
  ASI Number City State
23. *Distributor ASI Group
  Most comprehensive Internet discussion service in the promotional products industry is free for all ASI members! Enables you to network with other ASI® distributors at your convenience, 24/7.

Use this dynamic communication tool to:
  • Discuss business ideas with fellow promotional products professionals.
  • Ask about how others might have overcome problems they are dealing with now.
  • Exchange ideas on promotional and marketing plans.
  • Ask for advice on hot topics like dealing with difficult customers or sales compensation.

Would you like to join our Distributor ASI group? Yes No

24. *Payment Information
Please charge the following credit card for the indicated fees.
*Name of Card Holder
*Indicate Fee to be Charged:
Basic Membership $29.99/month for the 1st year
  *Price does not include $150 one-time only non-refundable processing fee

*Indicate Credit Card to be Charged:
AmEx Discover Master Card VISA
*Card No. *Exp. Date
  *Credit card will be kept as the credit card on record.
25. Must fax proper invoices to Member Services at 1-800-546-1399 or 215-953-3535.
  You must submit copies of invoices from at least three different ASI suppliers addressed to you, each over $100, and dated from within the past year. These invoices must be promotional products, but not purchased for use by your company or any entity affiliated with your company (We do not use the information you provide to contact your clients.) This will help establish your company's credit profile, allowing you to place orders more quickly with ASI supppliers.

If you have any questions call the ASI Member Services Department at 866-JoinASI (866-564-6274)

*How did you learn about ASI? 
  If post card, mailing, or other, please enter promotional code or name of other source.
  Applicant agrees that it shall indemnify and hold harmless ASI for any and all damages and costs resulting from the submission of any inaccurate or incomplete information.
*Red asterisks are required fields

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