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The most efficient method for sending us your data is electronically using our file upload. You can send us entire catalogs, images, or price lists. Simply fill out the form below, and attach your files.

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Catalog Requirements
  • Maximum file size is 2GB
  • PDF is the preferred format for catalog pages to ensure the highest quality when these are displayed in ACE for distributors to browse. We cannot accept .rar files.
  • Click here to upload your files to us.
Image Requirements

In order for ASI to visually represent your products on ESP in the best manner, we need the digital images of all products featured in your catalogs.


  • We accept product images up to 500 KB in file size. If they are larger please compress them to your own satisfaction and then send them to us.


  • We accept product images up to 1200x1200 pixels. If they are larger, you should resize them to your own satisfaction and then send them to us.
  • 300 dpi MINIMUM resolution.


  • Images should be square in dimension to avoid distortion on ESP.
  • All images need to be on a white background.
  • All images need to be free of supplier contact information and marketing verbiage.
  • The file format should be JPG to eliminate any image manipulation.
  • Please put multiple image files in a Zip folder.
  • Each individual image needs to be named using the product number of your item.
  • If the digital images that you supply do not meet our minimum requirement standards, you will be notified to see if you have images that we will be able to use. If not, we can scan your images from your catalog.
Multiple Images

ESP Web can display multiple images for your products if the image is different because of criteria such as color and shape.

  • Make sure the file name for your main image matches the product number, for example, DS154.jpg
  • For your additional images, name those by product number and color/shape, for example DS154-red.jpg.
Price Updates

Have you recently increased pricing? Send us your new price list and we can make those changes for you.

  • We can take price lists in various formats including Excel, PDF, and Word
  • We have the option for a price import if you update your prices on an ASI provided price list in MS Excel format. You can request your price list from

For assistance please contact ESP Information at 215-953-4ESP (4377), Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can also email us at

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