Best Places to Work 2011
Counselor honors the 85 best companies to work for in the ad specialty industry.
By Andy Cohen; Research by Quantum Workplace

They come from places like Woodstock, IL, and Toronto, Canada. Their staffs range from 10 to 500 people. They’re woman-owned, family-owned and even employee-owned. Diverse as they are, these organizations are the industry’s Best Places to Work.

The companies on this map – ranked from one to 85 – all share one thing in common: Their employees love going to work there every day. They told us exactly that in an in-depth survey process – completed by 4,630 industry employees – conducted by outside research firm Quantum Workplace. Each company is shown at its location in North America, along with its rank on the list.

Turn the page to view the complete ranked list. Also on the following few pages, you’ll find three themes that clearly run through the companies on this list: teamwork, recognition, and of course, fun. Take note to begin plotting your own path to creating a Best Place to Work.

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