Apparel Sales




Counselor's annual survey reveals the importance of apparel on distributors' overall revenues. By Andy Cohen


Research by Larry Basinait
and Neeti Malhotra
Apparel Surveys (2009)

State of Promotional Apparel Sales

Want to get a read on the impact of apparel on the overall ad specialty industry? Read on! From Counselor's January 2009 issue. MORE
Apparel Surveys (2008)

2008 Apparel Sales Survey

This study reveals an increased importance on traditional products and in-house decorating capabilities. From Counselor's January 2008 issue. MORE

Who's Decorating What

We surveyed top apparel suppliers to find out which offer embellishment services and which don't - and why. From Wearables' February 2008 issue. MORE

It's a 24/7 World

We surveyed the top wearables suppliers to see how they're serving distributors online. From Wearables' January 2008 issue. MORE
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