Welcome to Counselor's Annual Compensation Survey!

How Do You Compensate Your Sales Staff?
In our annual Sales Compensation Survey, we asked distributors to report their methods of sales pay this year.With 54% of respondents saying they use straight commission, the "money talks" pay strategy is still the most popular in the industry.

Salespeople Tell All

Money, power, health ... Find out what distributor salespeople say drives them to succeed, plus much more from our annual Counselor Sales Compensation Survey.

What Motivates Me?

Motivation is a tricky thing. For some, it comes and goes. For others, it barely exists in the first place.This, however, is rarely true for salespeople.
By Kenneth Hein 

How to Create a Basic Incentive Program

Ray Silverstein's tips on starting a simple incentive program for your sales team.

Benefits Packages at a Glance

See the benefits packages offered by distributors throughout the industry

Top Pay Plans

Curious about how the Top 40 distributors pay and motivate their salespeople? Find out now.

Did You Know?

The average sales rep compensation for more than 5 years experience is over $75,000.

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