Stitches' State of the Industry

Our step-by-step guide gives you key strategies to keep your business profitable! Go to ...

Video feature: In this 2-part video, ASI Magazines Editor-in-Chief Melinda Ligos and Stitches Editor Nicole Rollender talk about some of the surprising findings in the first-ever Stitches State of the Industry survey -- including how embroiderers rate the decorated apparel industry during these tight economic times.

Stitches State of the Industry 2009

State of the Industry report is Stitches' first-ever decorated apparel industry survey designed as a how-to manual for decorators and digitizers. Our step-by-step guide gives you key strategies to keep your business profitable. Research by Larry Basinait, ASI

Stitches SOI


This step-by-step guide gives you the key strategies to keep your business profitable.
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Apparel Sales

Sales Strategies

Learn how to Keep Decorated Apparel Sales Up.
2008 Gross Sales (PDF)
Power of People


Learn how to Harness the Power of Your People.

Hot Markets

New Business

Learn how to Target Hot Markets.
Hot Markets (PDF)

Build Business

Growth Strategies

Learn how to Build Your Business.
Sources of New Business (PDF)

Achieve Growth

Profitability Factors

Learn how to Achieve Growth in a Recession.
Is the Industry Healthy? (PDF)

Purchase Equipment

Capital Investments

Learn how to purchase equipment and software.
Top Software (PDF)
Top Equipment (PDF)

Beat Out Competitors

Competitive Advantage

Learn how to Beat Out Any Competitors.
Top Competition (PDF)

Keep Best Clients

Customer Retention

Learn how to Keep Your Best Clients.
Customer Focus (PDF)

Be Socially Responsible

Due Diligence

Learn how to be Socially Responsible - Your Business Depends On It.
Product Safety (PDF)

Downloadable MP3 Podcasts

Get business tips on the go. Stitches Editor Nicole Rollender discusses Stitches' State of the Industry survey results -- and how you can use them to boost your business this year. To listen to the MP3, simply click on the MP3 icon. To download it, simply right-click on the icon and Save Target As to your computer.

Hot Markets Podcast

Hot Markets

What markets are still buying a lot of decorated apparel? We've got the answers.

Hot Wearables Podcast

Hot Wearables

Polos and performance wear are among the hottest-selling wearables items. Find out why.

Social Media Podcast

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and blogs are great ways to reach new clients online. Get tips on how to use them.

Social Responsibility Podcast

Social Responsibility

Product safety and social compliance will become part of your conversations with clients. Learn more.
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Optimism is Key

It hasn’t been an easy year economically. Un-employment numbers have been on the rise ...
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