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Interested in advertising in Quarterly Register? Call your Account Manager at 800-546-1350 or send an email.

Quarterly Register Advertising Opportunities

You WILL get noticed when you advertise in Quarterly Register:

Cover Spot Ads (Limited availability)
Get full color branding of your company with spot advertising on the OUTSIDE front cover of Quarterly Register. Your message will be front and center for three full months, right on the front of the book. There are limited opportunities for Cover Spot ads, so make your reservations early.

Cover Positions (Limited availability)
The outside and inside back covers and inside front cover can be yours and yours alone when you reserve a cover position in Quarterly Register. Every time the book is opened, every time it is referenced, your advertising is what distributors see, and they will make you the first supplier that they call.

Quarterly Register

POP ad enhanced listings are a great, low-cost way to feature your company and products to distributors actively looking for a specific product. POP ads seem to jump from the page, commanding instant interest and prompting immediate action.

Insert Advertising
With inserts in Quarterly Register, your advertising will literally fall onto distributors' laps and get noticed even before they look through the book! Inserts of your product brochures or specials advertising are available as a single page (2 sides) or a 4-page insert. Insert advertising is placed in the Product Index related to the insert topic.


2011 Publishing Schedule

Includes Advertisers in these Issues Apr. '11 Jul. '11 Oct. '11 Jan. '12
Sales deadline 02/05/11 05/06/11 08/05/11 11/03/11
Shipping date 04/16/11 06/18/11 09/17/11 12/17/11

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