Supplier - Advertising Specifications

Supplying Completed Supplier Specials Ads

  • Maximum file size of 250KB
  • Ad size-600 pixels wide x 700 pixels high
  • Supplied ads can be in the form of HTML and images (gif, jpg)
  • ASI will add the Supplier Specials header and footer to all ads
  • We suggest a minimum of 3 ads for the month
Important – If you would like your Supplier Specials ad to have a “Client Safe” version that distributors may forward to their customers, you need to supply us with the artwork. This version of your ad should be the same ad your original ad but end buyer safe — no discount codes or contact information.

Supplier Specials Ads Can Not Include the Following:

  • Audio or Video
  • Flash
  • Frames or IFrames
  • Scripts: Java Applets, VBScript, Perl or JavaScript
  • Meta refresh
  • External style Sheets, Layers or any other form of CSS or DHTML
  • Publisher files

Please check the logos on your ad and make sure you have approval for any logos found on the list. The list of restricted logos can be found at

Sending files:
Please zip your ad, link and upload to All components MUST be zipped together into one file.

If you have any questions, please contact your ad coordinator.

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