Why should I advertise on ESP?
Branding! Branding! Branding! It is one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. Advertising on ESP offers you the perfect opportunity to gain brand recognition within the industry. It gives you the chance to catch distributors’ attention while they are searching for products. Get your company, line name, or logo seen by over 130,000 distributor sales people.  It is easy, fast, and most importantly, the best bang for your buck.

How will I get billed?
At the end of each month your impressions are calculated and invoiced. You will only pay for the impressions you receive, with the exception of Log-in Screen ads, Tower Tuesdays, and banners on Chat, IM, or the Buddy List.  Each of these types of ads are a flat rate for a specific time period (per day or month).  Please contact your sales representative for more information.

What is an impression?
An impression is any time your banner or tile ad is viewed. Every time your ad is shown on ESP it is counted as an impression. If you participate in Pay for Placement, an impression is counted when your product shows in one or more of the top spots on the search results page. An impression and click are not the same. A click is counted when someone clicks on your ad or product. You are not charged per click, you are charged per impression.

What does CPM mean?
CPM means cost per thousand. If your CPM is $75, you will be charged $75 for every one thousand times your ad is viewed.

What is Pay for Placement, and how does it work?
Pay for Placement is a unique advertising opportunity that allows you to choose one or more of your products to appear in one of the top positions in the search results for keywords or categories of your choice.  It is intermingled with the search results and it is highlighted in blue for extra visibility.  If the product that you chose is not relevant to the search results because additional qualifiers were entered (i.e. price, color, size, etc...), ESP will look through the rest of your product line and place another one of your products that is relevant into the results instead.  This allows you to have the exact product in your line that a distributor is searching for to be featured as your ad.  If none of your products are relevant to the search, your product will not show and you will not be charged for an impression.

What is a default product?
A default product is the product that shows in the Pay for Placement spot you purchased when the user searches only by keyword or category. If the user includes any other search criteria such as price or color and your default product is not relevant, ESP will choose another relevant product in your line.  To get your ads live quickly, tell your sales rep which product you want as your default at the time you place your order.  You can change your default product at any time by contacting your advertising coordinator.

What is the difference between a tile ad and a banner ad?

Tile ads are smaller ads that appear down the left side of the ESP screen. These ads are 120X90 pixels and can be static or animated. Banner ads are the larger ads that appear in the upper right corner of the ESP screen. These ads are 468X60 pixels and can also be static or animated.

What should I include on my banner or tile ad?
Your ad should include your ASI number, logo, contact information, select product images, and any tag lines you use in your other advertising material. You can encourage users to click on your ad by including a call for action such as “Click here for special offers.” To maximize on this excellent branding opportunity your ads should have the same look and feel as your other marketing material such as your print advertising and website.

Can I have an animated banner ad?

Yes. Your banner ad can be static, flash or animated gif.  Animated gifs can be up to three frames and either loop or freeze on the last frame.  Log-in Screen ads cannot be flash.

Who can help me create an ad?
You can create your ad and email it directly to your ESP advertising coordinator. If you choose not to supply your ad, ASI can help you at no additional charge. Our design team will create an ad based on your instructions and your coordinator will email you a proof of the finished ad. You will then be able to make any changes or corrections you want.  We can also create flash ads for a flat $400 prep fee per creative. If you would like us to create your ad, you will need to send your coordinator any logos, text, and product images you want to include on the ad.

Can I update my ad once it’s running?
Yes, we encourage you to update your ad creative on a regular basis to keep your promotion fresh and appealing.

What happens when a user clicks on my ad?
Your ad can link to your website or to your products in ESP.  If you want to link to ESP, we can link to all of your products or to a specific subset of products associated by category, keyword, price ranges, or product numbers.  Log-in screen ads cannot link to your products in ESP, but we now are able to link your ads to a video presentation.   You can talk to your advertising coordinator to discuss which option is best for your specific needs.

How Can I get started?
Email Dan Dienna at ddienna@asicentral.com or call him at 800-546-1350.

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